The Carnal Shepherd Series

These are the works of erotic flash fiction in my series “The Carnal Shepherd”. All text is ©2011-14 RamTheSunlover, all rights reserved; none of the images are mine and I have credited the source where known.

The Carnal Shepherd – Cock Communion


woman in white lingerie standing at window with naked priest reclining in the background

Image credit: Garm’s Kiss

The parish in the hinterland was perfect. His preferred duty was the pre-marriage counseling which brought an endless procession of young couples to him.

In the counseling sessions, after mouthing platitudes about the upcoming matrimony, he would announce that the bride-to-be was to go with him for a private sacrament. He thrilled to see when the woman’s eyes would widen as she recognized the subtle perfidy and sly possibilities of the instruction.

Once in the nave, he would disrobe both her and himself, saying, “We must stand naked before God, my child, Ecclesiastes 5:15.” As she then knelt at his feet for the communion, he would drop his turgid cock into her cupped hands.

“Receive the body of Christ.”

Easing himself forward between her lips, he would plunge his dripping staff in and out of the warm wetness.

“Receive the blood of Christ,” he would chant, pumping gouts of the true elixir of life into her greedily sucking mouth. While her betrothed waited patiently below.

Confession sessions would follow, for years to come. And someday… someday he’d test how pliant some of the men might be too.

The Carnal Shepherd – Wanton Weddings

Soundtrack, David Daniels,  Intorno All’idol Mio:

woman in wedding dress on her back with another nude woman between her legs and under her dressEven more delightful for the Carnal Shepherd than the Cock Communions were the Wanton Weddings. The brides-to-be and their maids were ever eager to enjoy his ministrations.

Today, the view from the upper cloister walkway around the Chapter-house on the south side of his cathedral was particularly enticing. The bride-to-be on her back, arched in ecstasy; the naked maid on her knees under the bride’s dress, her heart-shaped ass thrust high in the air.

He slipped down the stairs, his turgid cock swelling more with each step. Moving silently into place between the maid’s braced legs, he pulled his cassock aside, firmly gripped her hips, and slid into her slick sex with one sure thrust.

Pausing to gauge their reactions, he watched the bride’s eyes open wide and then roll back in her head. The maid hesitated only briefly and then adapted her motion to rock forward, pleasuring the bride’s pussy, and back, lifting her ass higher in the air to induce his thrusts.

“A belated good morning ladies,” he murmured, burying himself to the hilt in the garden of Eden. “Now we’ll practice those vows.”

The Carnal Shepherd – Coupling Counseling

man fucking second man in the ass while second man fucks woman in missionary positionThe Carnal Shepherd circled the tentatively copulating couple. They had all three completely disrobed, for he began these marital counseling sessions, as well as the private communions, with the stricture from Ecclesiastes 5:15: “We must stand naked before God….”

“More smoothly,” he instructed, pressing his palm on Husband’s coccyx, “and suckle her breast while you move.” Shepherd bent over and tongued Wife’s nipple, her back arched, face flushed, eyes shut tight, engrossed in sensation. Husband nodded eagerly, sucking the other breast.

During his training, the Shepherd had learned the importance of counseling the members of his flock. In particular, marriage counseling is given high priority due to the doctrinal emphasis on matrimony, its sanctity, and the permanency of the vows. The Shepherd, given his bent, quickly turned couples counseling into coupling counseling, with hands-on supervision.

He could see it was time now. Husband’s movements were faster and Wife’s mouth was open in a silent cry of pleasure. Moving between Husband’s thighs, he pressed his slicked, throbbing cock against the puckered anus. Husband froze in mid-stroke.

“The trinity is the fullness of godliness,” Shepherd whispered. Feeling Husband relax slightly, he pushed all the way in, now fucking them both at once. This would be a happy marriage indeed.