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GIF of the Week – When It Rains

Here at Morton Salt Company, we’ve been through six iterations of our famous logo –  the “Morton Salt Girl,” a young girl walking in the rain with an opened umbrella and scattering salt behind her from a cylindrical container of table salt.

Even though that logo is one of the ten best-known symbols in the United States, it was first invented in 1914, and our marketing people hound us about keeping things fresh.

Our new bosses at K+S Aktiengesellschaft also want it to be “edgier” for the 21st century. Here at HQ in Chicago, we don’t think you need edgy to sell table salt, but, hey, we’re just employees now.

So we did what everyone does these days – we put an ad on Craigslist, with an open call for models to be the new Morton Salt Girl.

The first girl in the door was the only one we interviewed. Our Chairman was watching via Skype from Kassel and once he saw her, that was that.

gif of actress Paz de la Huerta modeling nude in a clear raincoat

That’s actually Paz de la Huerta, by the way, from the movie Limits of Control.

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