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GIF of The Week – Is That You, Mom? Part 2

After the incident when Beth’s mom watched us fucking, things were uneventful for a couple weeks. I saw her moving around their house now and then but we didn’t directly cross paths.

I went over one day after two-a-day football practices and Beth suggested I shower again. Couldn’t really blame her, as it was a hot, humid late summer day.

So, there I was in the shower with ever present young buck hard-on, and I just got to, you know, kinda soaping it up.



And then there she was, just taking it in, so to speak.

I took careful note of the way she bit her lip when I came and shot a big load of semen on the shower door.


More Mutuality

Young Frankenstein is endlessly amusing. This brief clip of the “…the feeling is moootchuual….” scene,

inspired me to dig up for us all some more of my mutuality / helping hands GIFs, to wit: Continue reading →