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More Movie Star Boob Gifs – Madonna, Lohan and Berkley

You carnal readers and watchers out there are great! After the posting of the “Gallery of Gifs – Movie Star Boobs” a couple of days ago, astute carnalogists promptly sent me these additional gifs of: Madonna masturbating topless, from the monster hit movie Body of Evidence (full clip embedded in this earlier post), Lindsay Lohan wandering around blonde and nude, and having sex with a nice o face, and then Gina Gershon pulling down Elizabeth Berkleys top, from the movie Striptease. We’re stretching the definition of “movie star” a bit to allow Madonna and Lindsay into the club, but, eh….


gif of Madonna masturbating and showing her bare boobs to Willem Dafoe from the movie Body of Evidence


For some reason this Lohan one doesn’t move unless you click on it…

gif of Lindsay Lohan walking topless and nude from the movie Machete


gif of Lindsay Lohan having sex and making an o face

If you have a good one of Gershon herself, pass it on,

gif of Gina Gershon pulling down Eliabeth Berkley's top to bare her breasts from the movie Striptease

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Gallery of Gifs – Rough Sex 2

Here are 34 more collected rough sex gifs and then a hot retro clip of handcuffed fucking at the end, (link to earlier post with more rough sex gifs HERE ),



Next is the rough sex movie clip from Body of Evidence starring Madonna and Willem Dafoe, even though its not hardcore, where Madonna masturbates, gets Wild Bill all hot and bothered, and he then handcuffs her to chair and rough fucks her (3:29), and, as always, be ready to kill tube site popups/unders,


Speaking of cuffs,

color gif of woman in chrome steel handcuffs thrashing around on a bed


and for those in the Carnality Nation who like stories more than or in addition to visuals, here is a short story by Jenny Swallows (yes, her real name) from her eponymous blog,

Framed and fucked

I knew they were handcuffs the moment I felt the cold metal bite my wrist, as I stretched out one arm to cradle my head. I felt my heart leap in my chest, although whether it was the sudden immobility that startled me most, or the fact that he’d been so gentle all evening, I didn’t know. Neither was every thought that now crossed my mind necessarily a pleasant one… “you’ve been watching too much CSI,” I reassured myself as I tested the strength of the cuffs, but I quickly realized I wouldn’t be freeing myself from them any time soon.


Roughly, he grabbed my other arm and yanked it across the bed, to where another set of cuffs was waiting. I wondered how I’d not spotted them earlier, although I was suddenly noticing a lot of things now – how the room was no longer lit by the lamps he switched on when we first came in, but by a row of candles on the dresser; how the clothes we’d torn off one another in one place were now laying in another; and how the wine glasses that I’d swear we’d drained were now both magically full again.

(read the rest of this story on her blog HERE.)

If you lusty roughhousers want even more, check out my Gallery of rough sex images, and the Gallery page at the top tab, which has 15 galleries collecting images and gifs of all kinds of hot hard stuff, and all updated as I find new erotica.


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Battle of the Deepthroat Blowjob Queens…and Madonna?

Today we have for your carnal pleasure several amateur, or maybe semi-pro, queens of the deepthroat blowjob. They are  amateur or only semi-pro in the sense that even the more commercial ones show and sell their own sex videos on the internet, or run their own websites, and the sex partner is the husband or steady boyfriend, as opposed to them making commercial porn films for studios (but the lines are getting blurry, eh?),

First up is Heather Brooke, also known as Heather Harmon, showing her skills (1:19),and  as always for all these tube clips be ready to kill the popups and unders,

Sadly for her fans and deepthroat aficionados everywhere, Heather vanished from the internet in 2005, despite having a domain name that today is probably worth an easy mil –; at least vanished in the sense that there have been no updates to her website since that time. But her site still lives on, and reportedly was still viewed over ten thousand times per month in 2010. Perhaps a new form of immortality??

Here’s a bit longer one of Heather with some bonus throatfucking, or reverse deepthroat as some call it, and titty fucking (6:31),


Next up, we’ll have a look at Camille Crimson, Jessica Smith, and finally that great Madonna teaser clip.

Camille Crimson, entertained us in this post about a MFF threesome blowjob – she has a much more polished website (winner of several “best”s) and web-savvy entrepreneurial bent,

camille crimson deep throating a cock and licking the balls

Today she shows us her technique of tonguing the balls while deepthroating the cock…she gives us this intro to the clip (3:45):

My boyfriend always wondered what was my “special trick” when I was licking his balls and deep throating him simultaneously while I was giving him a blow-job until he saw it on this film…


Check out her website for more, The Art of Blowjob

Next is a 14 minute clip of Deepthroat Queen contestant Jessica Smith, who competes for the title of Queen with no website, just clips scattered across the tube sites. Really a pretty remarkable focus on her part throughout, watch…but click on the tiny play icon on the lower left of the player – if you click on the big one in the middle, you get pushed directly to the tube site…

Here are a couple nice animated gifs of throatfucking,

animated gif of brunette being throatfucked or reverse deepthroat

man throatfucking a cute brunette with her head tilted back

Now: Madonna – but wait, you say, Madonna giving us hardcore?? Say ’tis so!!! Again sadly, this is an almost…

Here is Madonna, demonstrating, apparently at a little intimate dinner party, but now on YouTube no less, her deepthroat no gag technique, unfortunately only with a wine bottle, but still deliciously suggestive…that’s how you get invited back!



Which one is the real Queen?

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More Daring Than Bardot – More Candid Than Monroe?

Who is more daring than Bardot?

Who is more candid than Monroe?

Who is more gutsy than Madonna?

Who is magical and unreal?

No, goddamit – it’s not Snooki! Get your head out of unreality TV…

Hotshot fashion photographer and director Alix Malka says that would be Zahia Dehar:

“Divine Zahia !
A magical and unreal angel…
Candid like Marylin, daring like Bardot
and with Madonna’s gut !
She’s unique and always where you don’t expect her to be…
Beware of angels ! “

Dehar, you may recall, is the Algerian born former child prostitute who is now 18, and who allegedly slept with three prominent French soccer players while she was underaged. One of the players implicated in the scandal is superstar Franck Ribery, who has been called “the jewel of French football.” He reportedly admitted to authorities that he had sex with a child prostitute, but insists he did not know she was underaged at the time of their encounter.

She is now a model phenomenon, as you see from the quotes in this post, causing sophisticated grown men, who spend their careers around beautiful women, to swoon and gush.

gif of Zahia Dehar shaking her ass in the Cat-Cave costume

This is Hollywood, by Zahia ft. Eric Roberts, directed by Alix Malka for Vanity Fair,


Malka worked for many years as art director beside iconic designer Thierry Mugler creating all aspects of a haute-couture house. He played an integral part in the House of Mugler, collaborating with numerous photographers including masters such as Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon.

Here’s a couple more of his images of Zahia from the Vanity Fair shoot:

zahia dehar and eric roberts looking formal

Image credit: Alix Malka


Zahia Dehar in pink panties and bra from the rear

Image credit: Alix Malka


Another hotshot photographer / director, Greg Williams, said of Zahia:

“After you meet Z you realise you’ve never met anyone quite like her in your life. She is an otherworldly, nymph-like creature and that’s what drew me to work with her.”

And that’s from a guy who has worked with Russell Crowe, Megan Fox, and other much more well known stars.

Here is another of her short video clips, this one an odd and nonetheless hot number entitled Strip-tease in The Cat Cave, by Nick & Chloé,

Her first name means “radiant” in Arabic. Check out her web site which is very cutting edge.

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