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Sunday Funnies – November 27

Time for another round of XXX and otherwise adult Sunday Funnies, so grab the cuppa joe and let’s go…


child at bedroom door with parents on bed in bondage gear

Momeee….what’s that noise? Momeee?


Next, the John Stamos Guide to Cuddling,


Did you think humans were the only voyeurs?

cat watching turtles fucking

…check out the top turtle – he’s trash talking…


Speaking of cats, here is a top cat and bottom doxie,

cat humping dachshund and biting its neck

halten noch Hündin, oder ich werde wirklich rau!!

(hold still bitch, or I’ll really get rough!)


Here is a great OMG moment,

gif of girl sucking a huge cock and saying omg its so big

OMG – it’s SO BIG!!

And last, for this time, food and soap for the troops on the front? or……..

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