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GIF of the Week – Gold Medal Back Dancing

I was inspired by the hoopla over the Olympic Ice Dancing competition to bring to your attention the little known, but very popular with a carnal cult following, Back Dancing competition.

The Swedes have dominated this sport for longer than anyone can remember, and indeed this year again they took home the Sochi gold with this podium topping performance by the 2013 World Cup champion, Uschi “Legs” Thorsheart,

gif of blonde woman on her back wearing only stiletto heels being fucked hard and her legs quivering with pleasure


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GIF Set of the Week – Mark It Off the Bucket List

I wonder who’s bucket list this adventure was on – hers or his?

All I can say is any man who can keep an erection going hard under these conditions is a true stud!

gif of woman rappelling down to have sex with a man
gif of man hanging by mountaineering rope licking a woman's pussy as she also hangs from her rope
gif of woman sucking a man's cock while they both hang from their rappelling ropes off a cliff thousands of feet high
gif of woman and man fucking cowgirl style while they both hand in midair from their rappelling ropes
gif of more fucking while hanging from rappelling ropes

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Holiday Funnies

A little Christmas music to view by? The best Christmas song ever? “I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas”,

It is hard to pick a “best” from the many Bob Rivers twisted Christmas songs, but that one is right up there.

Here’s another one, “Aquaclaus” – done by Rivers in the style of Jethro Tull performing “Aqualung”,

Next, an important tip for holiday parties,

cartoon of good and bad placement of mistletoe

This is “A Dubstep Christmas” by Skrillex,


Hanging decorations,

man hanging from roof gutter while trying to string christmas lights

…honey?….honey?….a little help?…

Here are two pretty unlikely looking fellows playing the four-armed, one guitar cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, not particularly a holiday item but….. eh, so what,


angel christmas decorations having oral sex

angels need blowjobs too…maybe ESPECIALLY angels…

Here is Tchaikovsky’s “Sugar Plum Fairy” played on a glass harp,


And last for this time, Mrs. Claus showing us why the reindeer fly for Santa….

digital art image of reindeer resting from pulling sleigh and mounting a woman in red lingerie

reindeer recreation – is that Blitzen or Donner?


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