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Gallery of GIFs – Fucking, Baby, Good ‘Ol Fucking

Continuing with my occasional publishing of galleries of the marvelous little animated gifs that are unique to the internet, kinda like the meerkats of the internet? Small, quirky, amusing? And sometimes annoying? Anyway, here is a gallery of gifs of good ‘ol fucking.

And, for a multimedia experience, here is an audio track with a nice slow fucking groove, If Lovin’ You Is Wrong by Faithless,

If Lovin' You Is Wrong by Faithless on Grooveshark


Also check out the Galleries page for a plethora of galleries of gifs and images with various hardcore adult themes.


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A Meditation on Water and Sex

For a meditation on water, and then water and sex, here is an entrancing soundtrack by the Robert Horner Percussion Ensemble (steel drum band), entitled Songlines, for a Caribbean ambiance:

and here is a visual,


gif of wave lapping up on the beach


Some serene weightlessness,

beautiful colorful floating jellyfish


gif of beautiful jellyfish moving through the water


gif of jellyfish pulsing through a turn in the ocean water

And a jellyfish fantasy,

fantasy par-human floating in an army of jellyfish

Now some human floating,

nude woman floating peacefully underwater

and next some floating and sex,

man fucking woman on her knees underwater

gif of woman floating underwater on her back being fucked by a man

 gif of woman with long hair floating underwater MMF 3some stoking one cock and being fucked by a second man

Credit for the two floating sex gifs: Gifperv.

A couple more of our dolphin buddies,

pod of dolphins swimming past camera


dolphin facing camera and blowing bubbles


But wait, here is a last one with some of the swimmers meditating on water and at least food, maybe sex too, who knows?

gif of crocodiles swimming slowly underwater by a naked swimming woman


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Gallery of Gifs – Boob Hypnosis

It’s a well known scientific fact that males are easily hypnotized by the sight of swaying, jiggling, swinging, bouncing boobs, tits, breasts, and racks. So if you boys go into a trance after looking at this post, don’t blame me – it’s your genetic code.

This is a collection of gifs, continuing in our occasional series “Gallery of Gifs”, of boobs on the move:

First, we finally have documented proof of what you ladies are up to when you go the restroom together,


animated gif of four girls standing in front of a mirror swinging shaking and jiggling their boobs

We just KNEW that’s what you’re really doing in there!!!

Actually we should first set the stage by what is affectionately known as: Release The Kracken! Continue reading →

Gallery of Gifs – Anal Sex

Anal sex week at RamSunlover World continues – so pressing forward with anal fun from the last post with Kayden Kross, here is a gallery of animated gifs of anal sex,


color gif of anal sex threesome with a man and two women gif of woman on her knees on the deck of a yacht and a man fucking her ass
gif of tranny being ass fucked and stroking her own cock color gif of big cock slowly pushing into girl's anus for ass fucking


Here’re some more with a little ATM, ass to mouth (is that the last nasty??),

gif of ass fucking with ass to mouth threesome

color gif of Sasha Grey ATM sucking a big black cock after its pulled out of another white girls ass
gif of threesome MMF with surprise anal butt sex color gif of woman in black fishnet stockings being ass fucked and smiling and masturbating


A couple more of anal sex lovin’ Sasha? Why sure!

gif of sasha grey rimming stoya's anus while stoya is being fucked in cowgirl position gif of sasha grey being ass fucked in a full nelson hold


For more collected anal images and continually updated gif collections, check out the Galleries page.

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Gallery of GIFs – Rough Sex

Following on the popularity of the Puma Swede rough sex post, here is a collection of GIFs of rough sex with hair-pulling, throttling or choking, or general man-handling.

I love GIFs – I think because they are virtually unique to the internet (who would buy or make a DVD or VHS with just a GIF to watch?), and they are quintessentially visual, not static; they are like intense tasty little morsels that suggest so much more to the imagination. I like erotic flash fiction for a similar reason.

animated gif of beach rough sex with man fucking woman from behind and pulling her hair ponytail


Check out the Galleries page for multiple collections including a gallery with more, and continually updated, rough sex GIFs. I also have a gallery there of great cumshot GIFs – check that out.

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