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Shotgun Blowjob

The double barreled kind, that is…a two cock blowjob is the shotgun bj. It comes in the classic side-by-side shotgun,

gif of girl trying to suck 2 cocks at once

gif of blonde sucking two cocks at once for a double blowjob

and, the favorite of many skeet shooters, the over-and-under shotgun,

woman sucking two big cocks into her mouth at the same time


Here’s a five minute video clip of a hot shotgun blowjob, and after that a gallery of images of various 2 and 3 cock scenarios – maybe we’ll call the 3 or more cock bj a gatling gun blowjob? Continue reading →

More Movie Star Boob Gifs – Madonna, Lohan and Berkley

You carnal readers and watchers out there are great! After the posting of the “Gallery of Gifs – Movie Star Boobs” a couple of days ago, astute carnalogists promptly sent me these additional gifs of: Madonna masturbating topless, from the monster hit movie Body of Evidence (full clip embedded in this earlier post), Lindsay Lohan wandering around blonde and nude, and having sex with a nice o face, and then Gina Gershon pulling down Elizabeth Berkleys top, from the movie Striptease. We’re stretching the definition of “movie star” a bit to allow Madonna and Lindsay into the club, but, eh….


gif of Madonna masturbating and showing her bare boobs to Willem Dafoe from the movie Body of Evidence


For some reason this Lohan one doesn’t move unless you click on it…

gif of Lindsay Lohan walking topless and nude from the movie Machete


gif of Lindsay Lohan having sex and making an o face

If you have a good one of Gershon herself, pass it on,

gif of Gina Gershon pulling down Eliabeth Berkley's top to bare her breasts from the movie Striptease

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Gallery of GIFs – Movie Star Boobs

Here’s a carnal collection of animated GIF images of celebrity movie star actresses going topless or nude and displaying or flashing their boobs, breasts, tits, and racks, with a few in simulated sex, with all GIFs created from movies released to the public or published photo shoots, and all harvested from the public domain on the internet.

I have about triple or more of the number of these GIFs, including other actresses and some multiple GIFs for the same actress, which I will shortly get up on the Galleries tab at the top menu.

The celebrity – movie stars – actresses – represented here are Amanda Peet, Amanda Seyfried, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlize Theron, Cybill Sheperd, Demi Moore, Denise Richards, Eva Green, Halle Berry, Heather Graham, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Connelly, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Keira Knightly, Marisa Tomei, Michelle Williams, Neve Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Susan Sarandon, Uma Thurman and lots more:

First, a couple full size ones, then the gallery (hover over the thumbnails for the names), Cameron Diaz from her early years,

gif of Cameron Diaz topless in fishnet stockings and a blue bustier pouring liquid on her boob and laughing


And Scarlett Johansson bouncing in a pool,

gif of nude topless Scarlett Johansson bouncing in a pool

I’ll tell ya, movie star boobs seem to me to be noteworthy mainly because of our culture’s fascination with actresses, movie stars, and even self-made celebrities who don’t do anything but be celebrities. Just for one “for instance”, I think Goddess Wife’s boobs are much more admirable:

Goddess Wife's boobs decorated with a nipple dangler

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Gallery of Gifs – Yet More Sex Faces

The first post of a collection of GIFs featuring o faces, otherwise known as orgasm faces or, for a broader range of fun, just sex faces, was such hit that I collected yet more and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Here are a couple full-size GIFs, then a gallery of GIFs, plus a short vid clip at the end,

gif of girl being fucked with her back arched and making an o face or sex face of ecstasy while orgasming

I like this next one because the sex face includes some lip biting and eyes rolling back in her head, so that must be hitting the sweet spot,

gif of girl being fucked from behind and rolling her eyes back in her head in an o face or sex face

Here’s the gallery of GIFs, Continue reading →