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Gif of the Week – The Glass Floor

[sfwp id=6 img=itemtype.png]Here’s a new feature since I do love my gifs – the Gif of the Week, an adult, NSFW, XXX gif that particularly catches my eye. This week, one I entitle The Glass Floor.

Do those people above you in Apt. 37G make a lot of noise? Did you ever think about what you might see if the apartment had a glass floor?

gif of view from underneath a glass floor of a woman being fucked ass up[sfwp id=1 img=closediv.png]

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Balls of a Bull

For those of you who did not grow up on a ranch or farm, this is what the balls of real bulls and stallions look like when they are doing the job.

gif of big low hanging balls swinging while man fucks girl's mouth

But there’s something a little discordant here……….is the dominant male facefucking this girl while wearing a garter belt?? Check out what appears to be a stocking clip from a garter belt swinging over on the right as if hanging from his waist. Wish I knew the rest of that kinky story. Or maybe my kinky readers will make up some stories?

Wet Cleanup on Aisle 3

Some GIFs just have to be posted as singles so you all can contemplate the story that pops into your head.

This is one of those.

gif of couple fucking in public in a bookstore aisle with clerk watching and people walking by

A bit more of that and Borders would have stayed open….