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GIF of the Week – Staff Meetings

Staff meetings had become fruitless: a complete waste of time.

Some people stared off into space.

Some texted on their phones.

I finally decided it was because we always talked about “process”.

I announced I wanted “results” at every staff meeting.

Things have been much better ever since.

They can really focus on results.


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GIF of the Week – Choir Practice

The Saint Agnes School for Wayward Girls had a legendary choir.

Thursday afternoon practice was one of the big reasons why.

The choir mistress called it IMAEP (individual manually assisted ensemble practice).

At 3:30 p.m. sharp, they were required to lay on their mats and solo, but all together.


Choir practice at St. Agnes

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Gif of the Week – Slurpee

Mom and Pop had this nickname for Aunt Stacie: Slurpee.

I always thought it sounded pretty funny, and Aunt Stacie grinned an evil grin when they called her that.

But none of them would ever divulge the provenance.

One night when she was visiting for a week on Pop’s birthday, I went for a drink of water at 2 a.m.

I heard some noise upstairs, so crept up to peek in her open door.

There the three of them were…Slurpee working the back, and Mom the front.

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That gave me a high bar goal for birthday celebrations, you can bet.


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GIF of the Week – Pool Shark

Frankie is our local pool shark.

We’ve all learned to steer way clear of playing Frankie.

But when those frat boys come down for spring break…

When they think they want to show off for the girls…

We just get more beers, sit back, and wait.

When you lose to Frankie, you are fucked.


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