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Sunday Funnies January 22

Another Sunday, another installment of Funnies,


adult humor road warning sign





Harrison Ford was in the right place at the right time

Right Place……..Right Time


and next, some Barbie adventures –


chipmunk looking at suggestively dressed Barbie doll

Hey, girl – wanna come up to my place and see my nuts?


and then, some time later,


Barbie with a strapon and Ken cowering at her feet

Ken, I met a kinky chipmunk and I learned some things about myself….

Image credit for the strap-on pic above is to Mariel Clayton, a photographer of miniatures, with lots of Barbie and Ken oh-so-wrong images, and who has a delightfully twisted sense of humor.

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Holiday Funnies

A little Christmas music to view by? The best Christmas song ever? “I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas”,

It is hard to pick a “best” from the many Bob Rivers twisted Christmas songs, but that one is right up there.

Here’s another one, “Aquaclaus” – done by Rivers in the style of Jethro Tull performing “Aqualung”,

Next, an important tip for holiday parties,

cartoon of good and bad placement of mistletoe

This is “A Dubstep Christmas” by Skrillex,


Hanging decorations,

man hanging from roof gutter while trying to string christmas lights

…honey?….honey?….a little help?…

Here are two pretty unlikely looking fellows playing the four-armed, one guitar cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, not particularly a holiday item but….. eh, so what,


angel christmas decorations having oral sex

angels need blowjobs too…maybe ESPECIALLY angels…

Here is Tchaikovsky’s “Sugar Plum Fairy” played on a glass harp,


And last for this time, Mrs. Claus showing us why the reindeer fly for Santa….

digital art image of reindeer resting from pulling sleigh and mounting a woman in red lingerie

reindeer recreation – is that Blitzen or Donner?


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