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Father’s Day

Make Father’s Day Sexy. Its Only Fair!

A reblog of the Father’s Day / DILF Day post by the psychic Fiona Wilde:

Ladies, Is Father’s Day Sexy?

by FIONA WILDE on June 14, 2013

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Fiona Wilde is a staff writer and commentator for and a published author of erotic novels for Blushing Books. Fiona comes from a background as a journalist for a large daily newspaper, but moved into erotica after mainstream media could not pay enough to keep her an honest woman. Her columns can be found on and her novels are widely available on

Father’s Day is Sunday, and as usual it has taken me by surprise. Father’s Day takes a lot of people by surprise, because it’s an afterthought kind of holiday. It’s not like Mother’s Day, where the penalty for forgetfulness is a giant bucket of guilt.

Forget Mother’s Day and a woman will think you don’t appreciate that she totally ruined her flat stomach and perky boobs by popping out a kid or three to carry on the family name. It’s a celebration of love and sacrifice, and as a woman I can tell you some of us love that shit.

Queen for a Day? Fuck yeah. Now get in there and make me some pancakes.

But forget Father’s Day and a guy won’t get all that upset. Because unlike the warmth and love women feel on Mother’s Day, for a man Father’s Day is nothing but a sad reminder of why he’s driving a minivan with bubblegum stuck to the seats instead of a convertible, and why the only woman staring at him now is that glaring gymnastics coach who’s pissed because he brought his little girl in late for class. Again.

It seems to me that men would be more into Father’s Day if society made it sexier. Continue reading →