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More Daring Than Bardot – More Candid Than Monroe?

Who is more daring than Bardot?

Who is more candid than Monroe?

Who is more gutsy than Madonna?

Who is magical and unreal?

No, goddamit – it’s not Snooki! Get your head out of unreality TV…

Hotshot fashion photographer and director Alix Malka says that would be Zahia Dehar:

“Divine Zahia !
A magical and unreal angel…
Candid like Marylin, daring like Bardot
and with Madonna’s gut !
She’s unique and always where you don’t expect her to be…
Beware of angels ! “

Dehar, you may recall, is the Algerian born former child prostitute who is now 18, and who allegedly slept with three prominent French soccer players while she was underaged. One of the players implicated in the scandal is superstar Franck Ribery, who has been called “the jewel of French football.” He reportedly admitted to authorities that he had sex with a child prostitute, but insists he did not know she was underaged at the time of their encounter.

She is now a model phenomenon, as you see from the quotes in this post, causing sophisticated grown men, who spend their careers around beautiful women, to swoon and gush.

gif of Zahia Dehar shaking her ass in the Cat-Cave costume

This is Hollywood, by Zahia ft. Eric Roberts, directed by Alix Malka for Vanity Fair,


Malka worked for many years as art director beside iconic designer Thierry Mugler creating all aspects of a haute-couture house. He played an integral part in the House of Mugler, collaborating with numerous photographers including masters such as Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon.

Here’s a couple more of his images of Zahia from the Vanity Fair shoot:

zahia dehar and eric roberts looking formal

Image credit: Alix Malka


Zahia Dehar in pink panties and bra from the rear

Image credit: Alix Malka


Another hotshot photographer / director, Greg Williams, said of Zahia:

“After you meet Z you realise you’ve never met anyone quite like her in your life. She is an otherworldly, nymph-like creature and that’s what drew me to work with her.”

And that’s from a guy who has worked with Russell Crowe, Megan Fox, and other much more well known stars.

Here is another of her short video clips, this one an odd and nonetheless hot number entitled Strip-tease in The Cat Cave, by Nick & Chloé,

Her first name means “radiant” in Arabic. Check out her web site which is very cutting edge.

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