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Handjob at the ER

One of the latest fads in freeway billboards here is the Emergency Room billboard with a clock that supposedly tells you that the “wait” at the ER is ONLY X minutes.

I think if I were bitten by a rattlesnake or were bleeding to death from a car wreck, I would totally drive around town looking for the ER billboard with the shortest advertised wait time.

But, I got to thinking………….maybe a long wait in the ER isn’t all that bad in the carnal alternative universe:

gif of red cross nurse with latex glove jerking off a cock for a cumshot after a handjob

now I feel much better, thank you!

And speaking of handjobs and feeling better, in the high end spas here there’s always the rinsing shower before the massage and happy ending…

gif of massage parlor handjob leading up to the happy ending

And here are a few more handjob gifs from my carnal cupboard:


For still more handiwork, check out the Handjob GIFs page up under the Galleries tab, with more than 70 more GIFs.

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