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Dubstep Porn – “Fuck My Ass”

This is the nastiest hottest dubstep track I’ve run across – Midriff (Original Mix) by Torqux. So I used it as the soundtrack for this gallery of images and gifs of asses, anuses, rimming and great ass fucking. Oodles and oodles of anal delight…

The dub track is separate from the gallery/slideshow in case you hate dub and love ass.


You can pop it out full screen for a whole eyeful of hot ass and ass fucking.

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Dubstep Porn

Continuing with my temporary fixation on music, porn, and videos of porn and music….. if you’ve heard dubstep music, you either love it or you’d rather stick a screwdriver in your ear than listen to it.

If you’re in the screwdriver camp, stop here and go to some other porn ’cause here are some fat bass dubstep mixes on some porn clips. As usual, a couple of these will hit you with popunders or overs so kill ’em when they pop…

A compilation video with dubstep track, (4:16),


“Ode to 2011 Ver2”, by grayagent, dubstep track unknown, (4:15),


Retro Punk Gangbang to Dubstep” (a clip from the retro indeed New Wave Hookers), dubstep track unknown, (4:42),


and here, Melencolia, dubstep track by Prodigy, (3:15)


Now if you’re strictly auditory, here are some dirty dubstep music only tracks.

We are going to have to start off with Torqux‘s “Midriff”, X-rated. This is a dirty track in all senses, the dub and the ahh, lyrics,

Now Sinfield‘s “Eargasm” is just that,

Next, Skream’s “Kinky” which has lots of moans and wobbles,

Next up is Bar 9′s “Midnight” which starts off so innocent with a piano playing then drops dirty and filthy. “Midnight” is pure dichotomy.

Last, Dextron, a producer from the Netherlands, is rather underground, but with a track like “Suck My Wobble” he won’t be for long,

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