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Honey…..I’m Home!

I’m almost always the last one home.

My favorite thing, since she first thought it up about a year ago, is what I find when she responds with, “Come in the kitchen!”

She’s bent over the kitchen counter with her skirt flipped up or pants pulled down, offering her ass for a great fucking. She’s also been warming herself up. I can see the glistening of lube around the puckered star.

So I unzip my suit trousers, take my cock out, and take the offering.

clothed sex with man in suit fucking woman in business suit with a jeweled buttplug


There is nothing in the wide world like ass fucking her. Her anus is so tight, so yielding, so velvety. Sometimes, the puckered rose is already filled, so I slid in below.

And the best part is she loves it too. Having her rub her clit and cum while I am stroking into that sheath of heaven sets me off into a frenzied explosion.

Now I’m home.



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