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The Blowjob Academy

I joshed Goddess Wife the other day to the effect of how did she become so skillful at cocksucking.

She shot right back, “I took AP classes at the Blowjob Academy!”

And that reminded me of a way retro video clip I had in the cupboard, which I now present for your carnal delight, all participants over 18, NEEDLESS to say, of course, naturellement,


and here are a few more good bj gifs, Continue reading →

Deepthroat Pride – more GIFs

I ran across this GIF of a deepthroat cocksucker who is adorably, and justifiably, proud of herself,

gif of brunette lifting off of deep throat swallowing a long cock and smiling at the camera

and here are a few more deepthroat GIFs from the cupboard,


Also check out the page in the Galleries tab archiving all the deepthroat GIFs for posterity.

Lotso Lips – Member Benefits

Awhile back we surveyed some hot GIFs of the “shotgun” variety – one enthusiastic, or at least ambitious, babe sucking two or more cocks.

The flip side, so to speak, is one cock being worked over by two or more mouths, tongues and sets of lips. Here are a few pics and GIFs and a short movie clip to entertain us with that theme.

(:35 secs)



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