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Olympic Deepthroat Redux

On the occasion of the last Summer Olympics in 2012, I provided exclusive coverage of the best Deepthroat event competitors. We can’t justifiably slight this year’s Winter Olympics, even if some of the best deepthroating male competitors stayed home in protest, so here are some of the top contenders in Sochi:

First, this is the captain of the German team with her trademark pigtails and lederhausen (not visible in the GIF) competing in the new event for these Olympics, Deepthroat Facefucking,

gif of blonde with pigtails being used as handles as she is deepthroat face-fucked by a man with a big cock

Next, we have one of the crowd favorites (see the crowd gathering in the background of the GIF?), the Swiss team competitor born in Russia, actually in Sochi itself, who moved to Switzerland with her parents after her grannie passed away from drinking the city water,

gif of deep throat cocksucker pulling off a monster cock

Next up is the surprise of the Games, an alternate for the Canadian team who was suddenly thrust into the limelight and added to the team when their fifth member developed laryngitis. She’s known for her insouciant sauciness,

gif of brunette lifting off of deep throat swallowing a long cock and smiling at the camera

And finally, the U.S. up and comer from the San Fernando Valley, now known though-out the Olympic Village for her trademark eye contact while throating,

gif of blonde maintaining eye contact while deepthroat pushing onto a big cock

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GIF Set of the Week – Exercise-Ball Workout

She was determined that when the tour started, she was going to be in killer shape.

Her personal trainer, Jean-Paul “Your abs will hate me” Belmundo persuaded her in their most recent text exchange to try a full-on exercise-ball, or stability ball, routine.

He said it was guaranteed to hammer the core, smash the abs, and build hip and spine flexibility.

So, she had him bring it over to the house.

gif of hot couple using excersie-ball for sex and cunnilingus
gif of hot couple fucking on an exercise-ball
gif of nude woman bent backwards over an exercise-ball with a man fucking her mouth and fingering her pussy