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Monday Morning Funnies – November 5

Normally we do Sunday Morning Funnies, but I thought maybe everyone could use their laughs the day before the election.

If only my local TV news had this,

gif of female reporter slapping ass of girl in thong
instead of the election commercials…


redhead smiling after a cumshot

Now this may look like just another image of a pretty redhead enjoying a cumshot blast, but check out the white thing in her hair – is that a doggie chew toy?????

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Sunday Funnies Sept 2

Been awhile since my last edition of Sunday Funnies, so here’s some laughs to leaven your Labor Day weekend.

cat with funny expression while girl takes self shot of huge rack in the mirror

Girlfriend…kitty…needs…to…knead…now!! MEEEOWWW!

In fond remembrance of the Summer Olympics,


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