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GIF of the Week – Adjusting Her Glasses

She kept complaining that her glasses didn’t fit quite right

I kept telling her to just run over the store and get ’em adjusted

She kept forgetting

Then we made a little video of one of our sex sessions

I thought they stayed on pretty well……all things considered

She, however, went the next day to get them adjusted


gif of girl wearing glasses getting fucked hard from behind and the glasses slipping off


GIF of the Week – The Best Booth

She has a favorite booth.

It’s in an ok restaurant, but it’s the placement of the booth that makes it so special.

It’s in the back and angled just so.

She always wears the short skirt that’s just so easy to pull up.

Just so she can really enjoy a night out.

gif of clothed sex man fingering under a table the pussy of a woman with her skirt up and panties pulled to the side

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Be The Moon Waxed or Waned – remix

a couple - a man cradling in his arms and carrying his woman

The Offering by Valery Bareta


H is obsidian skin glitters, be the moon waxed or waned
Her burnished hair floats, be the breeze soft or strong

His arms, a cradle of steel, to shelter her or bind her
Her mouth, a vessel of heat, to inflame him or tame him

His lust

Her lust

Our love?
As light as a feather, as enduring as forever
be the moon waxed or waned, be the breeze soft or strong

A remix for today of the original from 2 years ago – for my Goddess Wife.