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GIF of The Week – Is That You, Mom? Part 2

After the incident when Beth’s mom watched us fucking, things were uneventful for a couple weeks. I saw her moving around their house now and then but we didn’t directly cross paths.

I went over one day after two-a-day football practices and Beth suggested I shower again. Couldn’t really blame her, as it was a hot, humid late summer day.

So, there I was in the shower with ever present young buck hard-on, and I just got to, you know, kinda soaping it up.



And then there she was, just taking it in, so to speak.

I took careful note of the way she bit her lip when I came and shot a big load of semen on the shower door.


GIF of the Week – Adjusting Her Glasses

She kept complaining that her glasses didn’t fit quite right

I kept telling her to just run over the store and get ’em adjusted

She kept forgetting

Then we made a little video of one of our sex sessions

I thought they stayed on pretty well……all things considered

She, however, went the next day to get them adjusted


gif of girl wearing glasses getting fucked hard from behind and the glasses slipping off


GIF of the Week – The Best Booth

She has a favorite booth.

It’s in an ok restaurant, but it’s the placement of the booth that makes it so special.

It’s in the back and angled just so.

She always wears the short skirt that’s just so easy to pull up.

Just so she can really enjoy a night out.

gif of clothed sex man fingering under a table the pussy of a woman with her skirt up and panties pulled to the side

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