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The Amateur Porn Video Viewed ̶5̶0̶ ̶5̶5̶ 76 Million Times

Ain’t the internet grand? Think about what’s behind that title – over fifty million (UPDATE – June 4, 2013: 51,852,166 53,000,043 54,553,065 55,575,821, 57,348,715, 64,145,492!)(UPDATE – April 13, 2014: 68,955,407 views!)(update August 27, 2015: 76,634,089 views) views of an amateur, homemade porn video clip – the number of viewers, the bandwidth, the populist popularity, the number of countries represented…

All of the free porn tube sites heavily rely on a constant stream of amateur uploads – all us citizens filming ourselves having sex and sharing with world – to keep their content fresh. The voracious appetite of the collective carnality lovers for viewing porn apparently can’t be met by commercial production. Still, that 70 million+ views floors me.

These are the 5 most viewed amateur porn clips from the YouPorn site, in reverse order, (all of the pics link out in a new window to YouPorn for viewing)(beware of autoplays with sound, and popunders/overs):




fucking my wife
88% rating

Paris Hilton - Movie

Great Body, Great Sex, Great Blowjob


Whether Paris Hilton really qualifies as an “amateur” could be debated, but still…and the other interesting thing for carnalogists is looking at the “rating” vs total views. Apparently people go look at the Paris Hilton clip because of the name – but the sex just ain’t that great. 65% rated, versus 88% and up for the others in the top 5.

YouPorn, BTW, has been dethroned, after reigning supreme for several years, as the YouTube of porn, the #1 porn tube site. See the Related Article below: PornHub has taken over and is clocking more than 25 million unique visitors each month.

So, here are the top 6 most viewed of all time amateur clips from PornHub, in order, and you see the same thing with the celebrity/not-so-hot, but amateurs/hothothot: Kardashian gets the highest total views but the jury thinks the sex is only barely so-so, (all of pics link out in a new window to PornHub for viewing):


Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J



Mouth Cum Compilation – Part 388%

14:49; 45,263,674 views




9:52; 35,926,923 views


Kendra Wilkinson Exposed Sex Tape


5:04; 28,637,334 views


However, even the most popular porn pales in comparison to the most popular clip on YouTube itself – the Biebster’s music video of “Baby”, ft. Ludacris, has clocked well over half a BILLION views (684,597,595), and it’s still going strong.

Best Erotic Music Videos of 2011

Following hot on the heels of the post: Best X-Rated Music Video of All Time, I present for you a different group – the best erotic music videos of 2011, an-end-of-the-year best thing, and limited to just 2011.

These have no explicit sex, so I characterize them as erotic or sensuous. My qualifiers were that the video/music had to first appear in 2011 and that the main performer in the video also had to be the main musical performer – so no erotic video clips set to an unrelated music track, or rappers or rockers singing with strippers around them etc etc. But we’ll do some of those another time.

First, and I think the easy choice for best of the year, some music to tie her up by, Claire Tchaikowski, “Those Thousand Seas”

Claire Tchaikowski’s debut album Those Thousand Seas is available on iTunes, Amazon and cdbaby.
Betony Vernon‘s book The Boudoir Bible – Sexual Common Sense and the Joy of Ceremony will be published soon.


Second, some French dance/pop with Charlie M, “Jeux Ma Muse”,



Third, pop come-back, “Criminal” by Britney Spears, and featuring her new fiance, Jason Trawick,  with some slithery hot action in the shower, and guns…



Fourth, “‘Til The End Of Time ft. V” by Timothy Bloom, which I featured in the post 5 Best Sensuous Couples Video Clips,



That featured image at the top of the post, by the way, is Christina Aguilera having a big ‘ol time in her music video for the track “Dirrty” released in 2002. The music video was directed by David LaChapelle. It depicts what was described as “a post-apocalyptic orgy”.The video opens with Aguilera gearing up and riding a motorcycle into a nightclub. Wearing a bikini and fuck-me chaps, she is lowered from a cage into a boxing ring and dances. If only the music video for “Moves Like Jagger” this year were half as hot, it’d be in this post too. HERE is a link to the “Dirrty” video if you would like to reminisce.

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Best X-rated Music Video of All Time

After extensive investigation, I present several candidates for the best X-rated music video, XXX-rated music video, adult music video, explicit music video….whatever your phrase may be, of all time.

To qualify, a music video had to be more than just NSFW with bare boobs, or even full frontal nudity – as delightful as those may be – and actually be a release by a music artist or band, not just a mashup of hardcore video with an added music track.

And what does the featured image above (from a performance of the opera Salome) have to do with all this? See the footnote* at the end of the post.

Here are the candidates in no particular order, and representing several different music genres:

#1 – Industro-rock, Rammstein: Pussy


#2 – British rap, Skepta: All Over The House

#3 – Alt rock, Placebo, Protège-Moi


#4 – acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk, Klaxons, Twin Flames

(is that one weird enough for ya?)


#5 – hip-hop/rock/metal, Hollywood Undead, Undead (rare completely uncensored version)


#6 – alt rock, 30 Seconds to Mars (feat. the now very famous Jared Leto), Hurricane


If you know a good one I missed, comment away.

*Now about that pic at the top and Salome – the image is of soprano Francesca Patanè, daughter of famous Italian conductor Giuseppe Patanè performing the lead role of Salome in a production that opened the 2007 season of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. I nominate a hardcore version of Salome – sex, violence, eroticism, drama, singing, and music…what’s not to love? – for the ultimate best X-rated music video: so who’s up for creating that one?

Here’s another couple of  images of Patanè from that production,

soprano Francesca Patanè nude with pasties being draped in a robe in salome

credit: Riccardo Musacchio in Corriere della Sera

salome carried on bearers' shoulders

credit: Riccardo Musacchio in Corriere della Sera

In reviewing her later performance as Puccini’s Turandot, The Observer wrote:

Francesca Patanè’s Turandot was spectacular.  There is a purity in her voice which is spine-tingling and this is accompanied by the ability to produce enormous power.

Let’s get that in an explicit music video – someone start a petition!

5 Best Sensuous Couples Video Clips

These are 5 of the best sensuous video clips I’ve found lately featuring couples:

1) The Weeknd : “What You Need” (NSFW Hasselhoff edit)
by Gunnar Andersson,


2) ‘Til The End Of Time ft. V by Timothy Bloom, music video,


3) Quatre by rebobine for Wallpaper Magazine,


The last two are product advert/commercial clips.

4)  Devendra Banhart at the Rainbow House – Director’s Cut, by Lisa Eisner for Oliver Peoples,


5) Chanel ft Nicole Kidman, directed by Baz Luhrmann, and with Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro,


If you think that clip is a bit reminiscent of Moulin Rouge, why yes, Luhrmann directed Moulin Rouge.

and here’s one last bonus clip – more hardcore for a happy ending…

VIV THOMAS THE ART OF SEX (trailer for the Art of Sex video by Viv Thomas who makes sensual and erotic full-length films, available on

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