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DJs of Porn – JRoux

This is the second installment in the DJs of Porn series. The first post was about the work of Garm/Ugarm of Garm’s Kiss, with a movie clip and number of his heavily edited and modified images of interracial sex. Today’s installment showcases the work of “JRoux”.

His work seems to be only in the production of edited sex video clips, which he calls “xXx music videos.” They are all skillfully edited, at least for an amateur porn aficionado, and all have a music track combined with the edited video, so that there is no dialog and no fake moaning – a small oasis of relief in the desert of porn soundtracks.

Here is a clip he entitled Epoca, with a Rio tango vibe (6:02),


I am guessing he hails from South America or Spain as the video clips he uses suggest that.

Here is another clip, with a Rhianna music track and a psychedelic vibe, this one entitled The White Studio (3:43),


I previously included a couple of his clips, Silhouette and Melencolia, with dubstep tracks in the post on Dubstep Porn.

Last, for this time, his latest work – a clip entitled Closer (6:04),

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Melon Season is Here – Sophia Santi Selebrates

This is a 7:58 clip of Sophia Santi enjoying her melons and grapes, so we can enjoy her enjoying.  Its tres juicy indeed. Ty Vasquez of CafeGlow kindly provided me the movie in return for my clever naming of his creative work: Pulp Friction.

Ty creates beautiful sensual carnality – stop by his website and check it out (no affiliate relationship).

CafeGlow was founded and designed by Ty Vasquez and he calls his concept Fashion Erotica. Ty is a director whose skills include photography, design and film making. With a fashion background Ty sets out to capture that naturally sexy streak in women that they usually won’t let you see. Ty has cast, wardrobe styled, shot, edited and scored the first 40 films on CafeGlow.

Here are a few more images of Sophia from the video shoot:

sophia santi topless dribbling crushed fruit juice on her lips, face and boobs


sophia santi holding a honeydew melon piece by her trimmed pussy and digging out the pulp


Sophia Santi eats fruit while writhing naked

Battle of the Deepthroat Blowjob Queens…and Madonna?

Today we have for your carnal pleasure several amateur, or maybe semi-pro, queens of the deepthroat blowjob. They are  amateur or only semi-pro in the sense that even the more commercial ones show and sell their own sex videos on the internet, or run their own websites, and the sex partner is the husband or steady boyfriend, as opposed to them making commercial porn films for studios (but the lines are getting blurry, eh?),

First up is Heather Brooke, also known as Heather Harmon, showing her skills (1:19),and  as always for all these tube clips be ready to kill the popups and unders,

Sadly for her fans and deepthroat aficionados everywhere, Heather vanished from the internet in 2005, despite having a domain name that today is probably worth an easy mil –; at least vanished in the sense that there have been no updates to her website since that time. But her site still lives on, and reportedly was still viewed over ten thousand times per month in 2010. Perhaps a new form of immortality??

Here’s a bit longer one of Heather with some bonus throatfucking, or reverse deepthroat as some call it, and titty fucking (6:31),


Next up, we’ll have a look at Camille Crimson, Jessica Smith, and finally that great Madonna teaser clip.

Camille Crimson, entertained us in this post about a MFF threesome blowjob – she has a much more polished website (winner of several “best”s) and web-savvy entrepreneurial bent,

camille crimson deep throating a cock and licking the balls

Today she shows us her technique of tonguing the balls while deepthroating the cock…she gives us this intro to the clip (3:45):

My boyfriend always wondered what was my “special trick” when I was licking his balls and deep throating him simultaneously while I was giving him a blow-job until he saw it on this film…


Check out her website for more, The Art of Blowjob

Next is a 14 minute clip of Deepthroat Queen contestant Jessica Smith, who competes for the title of Queen with no website, just clips scattered across the tube sites. Really a pretty remarkable focus on her part throughout, watch…but click on the tiny play icon on the lower left of the player – if you click on the big one in the middle, you get pushed directly to the tube site…

Here are a couple nice animated gifs of throatfucking,

animated gif of brunette being throatfucked or reverse deepthroat

man throatfucking a cute brunette with her head tilted back

Now: Madonna – but wait, you say, Madonna giving us hardcore?? Say ’tis so!!! Again sadly, this is an almost…

Here is Madonna, demonstrating, apparently at a little intimate dinner party, but now on YouTube no less, her deepthroat no gag technique, unfortunately only with a wine bottle, but still deliciously suggestive…that’s how you get invited back!



Which one is the real Queen?

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6 Top Sensuous Video Clips

Here are  6 of the top sensuous video clips that I’ve come across lately, mainly featuring solo women bopping, writhing, posing, and giving us the “come hither”:

1. Jessica Vaughn – Life is a Highway by Danny Griffin (1:14),



2. Denim on Sand by Anthony Rose (1:30),



3. Eugenia Diordiychuk, Erotica by Eugenia Diordiychuk (4:53),



4. Stephanie Seymour by Greg Kadel Studios (0:30),



5. The Penthouse by Frank De Mulder and Michelle Van Damme (1:33),



6. Haunting, Seattle by grayagent (1:18),



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The Amateur Porn Video Viewed ̶5̶0̶ ̶5̶5̶ 76 Million Times

Ain’t the internet grand? Think about what’s behind that title – over fifty million (UPDATE – June 4, 2013: 51,852,166 53,000,043 54,553,065 55,575,821, 57,348,715, 64,145,492!)(UPDATE – April 13, 2014: 68,955,407 views!)(update August 27, 2015: 76,634,089 views) views of an amateur, homemade porn video clip – the number of viewers, the bandwidth, the populist popularity, the number of countries represented…

All of the free porn tube sites heavily rely on a constant stream of amateur uploads – all us citizens filming ourselves having sex and sharing with world – to keep their content fresh. The voracious appetite of the collective carnality lovers for viewing porn apparently can’t be met by commercial production. Still, that 70 million+ views floors me.

These are the 5 most viewed amateur porn clips from the YouPorn site, in reverse order, (all of the pics link out in a new window to YouPorn for viewing)(beware of autoplays with sound, and popunders/overs):




fucking my wife
88% rating

Paris Hilton - Movie

Great Body, Great Sex, Great Blowjob


Whether Paris Hilton really qualifies as an “amateur” could be debated, but still…and the other interesting thing for carnalogists is looking at the “rating” vs total views. Apparently people go look at the Paris Hilton clip because of the name – but the sex just ain’t that great. 65% rated, versus 88% and up for the others in the top 5.

YouPorn, BTW, has been dethroned, after reigning supreme for several years, as the YouTube of porn, the #1 porn tube site. See the Related Article below: PornHub has taken over and is clocking more than 25 million unique visitors each month.

So, here are the top 6 most viewed of all time amateur clips from PornHub, in order, and you see the same thing with the celebrity/not-so-hot, but amateurs/hothothot: Kardashian gets the highest total views but the jury thinks the sex is only barely so-so, (all of pics link out in a new window to PornHub for viewing):


Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J



Mouth Cum Compilation – Part 388%

14:49; 45,263,674 views




9:52; 35,926,923 views


Kendra Wilkinson Exposed Sex Tape


5:04; 28,637,334 views


However, even the most popular porn pales in comparison to the most popular clip on YouTube itself – the Biebster’s music video of “Baby”, ft. Ludacris, has clocked well over half a BILLION views (684,597,595), and it’s still going strong.