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Cities of Light

Cities of light – L.A., San Francisco, and New York, through marvelous time-lapse photography, for a visual interlude of beauty and tranquility…

First, a couple GIFs and then the bigger clips. New York at night:

gif of time-lapse phtography of New York lit up at night

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In The Clutches Of The Beast

We re-watched the lavish erotic Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola the other night. Goddess Wife commented how hot she thought the scene was where Mina’s slutty friend Lucy (played by English actress Sadie Frost) is hypnotized, drawn into the maze garden, and then ravished by Dracula taking the form of a werewolf (that one was a “huh” for me…vampire, werewolf, eh, you know samo-notsamo???, but hot nonetheless.)

Since I am ever attentive to what strikes GW’s fancy as hot, here I have curated various forms of that steamy scene, and then added few non-Drac beastie images at the end for good measure.

First, here is the teaser screencap image from the scene, reprising the full featured image above,

screencap image of werewolf Dracula fucking Lucy from Bram Stoker's Dracula


Next is a 3:03 minute clip of the lead-in to, and then the scene itself:

Just goes to show you can get away with some things on YouTube, eh? And here – because you all know I just loves my little gifs – is a beast ravishing Lucy gif,

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DJs of Porn – Garm II

We looked at some of Garm’s work in this first post. His work in images is so prolific that I arbitrarily divided the other material in the curation into two categories: More Than Two (variations on group sex), which we look at in this post, and One or Two (solo or two people), which we’ll look at in the next in the series.

Here is another of his video clips, and then some more of his altered images, and another video clip at the end.

Blessed Be, (6:16),


here are the images,


Here is the second video clip – fetishy, fantasy, groupy, kinky,

Der Traum des Kaisa Blum (7:58),

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Happy Birthday Bombshell

Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker aka Marilyn Monroe would have been 86 today. She was born on June 1, 1926. On the occasion of her birthday, here is a gallery of some Marilyn images, of course focusing on the un or partially clothed pics of the blond bombshell, ’cause we are Carnality Nation,


This year, May, is another Marilyn related aniversary: the famous and infamous night, May 19, 1962, when 35-year-old Marilyn — literally sewn into a sparkling, jaw-droppingly tight dress – sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy during a star-studded concert at Madison Square Garden to celebrate the commander in chief’s 45th birthday.

President Kennedy reportedly showed up stag, shall we say, after First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy skipped the event to visit friends in Virginia. Here’s a clip of that performance,



While Marilyn was filming for Fox Studios the ultimately never released Something’s Gotta Give, she was given special permission to travel to New York for the serenade to President Kennedy. Here are a couple of shots from the set on that movie, where Marilyn was supposed swim in a nude colored body suit…but which she promptly shucked off to swim nude (photos credit Vanity Fair),


Marilyn Monroe nude by swimming pool with blue towel

a black and white image of Marilyn Monroe topless by the pool from the movie Something's Gotta Give

Marilyn Monroe nude by swimming pool


Here’s a closing pic of Marilyn posing with Bogart and Bacall, with Bogy keepin’ his eyes on the goodies, and Bacall wondering if a threesome was in order?, or not…


Marilyn Monroe posing with Bogart and Bacall with Bogart eyeing Monroe's cleavage

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I’m Drivin’ In My Car – FFF

woman laying on front seat of a car with her naked ass up and resting her head on the door sill looking at the camera

“Hillary” by Bradley Thurber


(103 words)

Full credit to the Boss, of course, for the song and the original lyrics, and here is a live performance of it – some say the sexiest thing Bruce has ever done,


Goddess Wife and I’ll both fuck him after that…

The Flash Fiction Friday challenge for this Friday, 5-25-12, was to use the picture above to write a flash fiction piece of 100-135 words and to use this phrase in the submission:
“…the scent of [noun]…”

All the other erotic writers playing the FFF this week can be found HERE – go check ’em out and enjoy vehicular carnality.



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