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Deepthroat and Anal Training with Belladonna

Goddess Wife and I were recently enjoying the most lavish porn BDSM movie ever made: The Fashionistas, starring Belladonna, and Rocco Siffredi among many others, from the delightfully perverted mind of director John Stagliano. Belladonna’s display there of her deepthroating and anal sex skills “stimulated” me to curate here a post with some video clips and images focused on Belladonna.

I put a long clip from The Fashionistas at the end of the post, but first, the nastynasty girl Belladonna…

porn star Belladonna laying on a couch in black lingerie and tall black boots

…gives a short graduate seminar in deepthroating by working over the Master Hydraulic Hoser Peter North, with a classic North “ending” (10:27),


Here are a few images of Belladonna in various “looks”,


Here’s a longer clip (15:20) of a great threesome with Belladonna and two guys, with excellent anal sex, which she has a BIG appetite for,



Now, more on the movie. In 2002 Belladonna was featured in the multi award-winning BDSM themed The Fashionistas; the director John Stagliano described her as “a woman with the most incredible sexual abilities I’ve ever seen.”

And The Fashionistas itself was reviewed as:

John Stagliano’s ambitious, scalding, kink-drenched, epic-like The Fashionistas arguably is the best adult film of the year. Clearly the pinnacle of Stagliano’s illustrious career. The Fashionistas is the finest hardcore-meets-BDSM story-oriented porn production ever.

– AVN, Mike Ramone


cover art for the dvd case of the porn film Fashionistasbelladonna in the fetish cage from Fashionistas


Here is a longgggg clip (22:26) of one of the ending scenes, with Belladonna and Rocco devouring each other – lots of deepthroating and anal sex as my post title promised, (someone is on a campaign to delete the Fashionistas clips from the tube sites, so if its gone…..) – click the play icon on the bottom left – the one in the middle takes you away to the tube site…



Now, if you’re still with me, and if you want to know a bit about Michelle the person, as opposed to Belladonna the porn queen, continue on….

Here are some bio facts: Belladonna is the stage name of Michelle Anne Sinclair. She was born in Biloxi, Mississippi as the second of seven children. The family had German, Scottish, and Cherokee roots. She was a military brat who moved around a lot, stayed in Utah for a short period of her life before she went into porn, and was raised as a Mormon.

And, in the event you didn’t know, she vanished from “the business” for months recently. Here is an 11 minute interview where she talks about why and what her current thinking and direction is,



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Sunday Funnies – November 27

Time for another round of XXX and otherwise adult Sunday Funnies, so grab the cuppa joe and let’s go…


child at bedroom door with parents on bed in bondage gear

Momeee….what’s that noise? Momeee?


Next, the John Stamos Guide to Cuddling,


Did you think humans were the only voyeurs?

cat watching turtles fucking

…check out the top turtle – he’s trash talking…


Speaking of cats, here is a top cat and bottom doxie,

cat humping dachshund and biting its neck

halten noch Hündin, oder ich werde wirklich rau!!

(hold still bitch, or I’ll really get rough!)


Here is a great OMG moment,

gif of girl sucking a huge cock and saying omg its so big

OMG – it’s SO BIG!!

And last, for this time, food and soap for the troops on the front? or……..

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Screw The Football Games – Come Look at All-Star Pierced Nipples

Had enough turkey? Stuffed with dressing? Just say no to those endless football games. Say YES to an endless stream of pierced nipples.

Here is a dubstep track, if you’d like music to accompany your pic perusal, Girl from Codeine City, by LWiz, with a great sax riff mixed in,


What happens in airport security, though?

Here is lengthy post about how piercing is done, healing, and WTF to do about airport security…

And if you want to see how it’s done, kinda, here is a short clip of Pink running backstage after a concert, with her mom in the dressing room, and getting #2 nipple pierced right on the spot(!),


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Hotties of Rock – Grace Potter

Grace Potter loves to perform in short glittery dresses, shakin’ all her goodies for an enthusiastic live audience. Goddess Wife is contemplating performing in live burlesque shows, so I am starting a series of posts to celebrate for her women performers who are hot and joyfully combine their sexuality with their performing.

So I may do some Hotties of Pop, Hotties of Belly Dance, Hotties of Burlesque etc., too. and who knows, maybe there’ll be a video of her own burlesque at some point??

Back to Potter – Spinner.com wrote:

She sings like Janis Joplin and dresses like Tina Turner…

She loves to show off her body and shake it for the audience as she told Spinner in that same interview:

“If I could perform naked, I would,” Potter admits backstage. “It’s just, to me, about being really comfortable on stage. When I do what I do, I have to be comfortable. I have to rock out. I want my little moment to feel like I’m free of it all and wearing a tiny skirt where there is nothing but air going up there is like the most freeing feeling in the world. I love it.

grace potter in short black dress showing leg and cleavage boobs

But despite comparisons to female rock powerhouses, she told USA Today that she wants to channel a godfather – of soul:

Potter often draws comparisons to the female powerhouses of rock and soul —Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick, Heart’s Ann Wilson. But they aren’t whom she wants to channel. “If you see me doing anything antic-y on stage, I’m not trying to be Janis Joplin, I’m not trying to be Tina Turner,” she says. “I’m actually trying to be James Brown and Iggy Pop.”


Here is a gallery of some images of Potter,


There are many music videos and clips of her performing, but I think some of the best are the live performances. Here is one of her and her band performing their huge hit Paris – Ooh La La,



Here is the great music video version,


She recently also crossed over into country as the featured performer in a Kenny Chesney song and video, which just won the  Video of the Year award at the 45th Country Music Awards, You and Tequila,


And if you want still more, here is a different setting – Grace performing in Daryl Hall’s (of Hall and Oats) farm home/barn studio setting for his “Live from Daryl’s House” monthly webcast series.

From Hall’s description of the overall project:

Daryl Hall started Live From Daryl’s House, the free monthly web show in late 2007, after having the idea of “playing with my friends and putting it up on the Internet,” and the show has since garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone, SPIN, Daily Variety, CNN, BBC, Yahoo! Music and influential blogger Bob Lefsetz, who cited Live From Daryl’s House as a perfect example of a veteran artist reinventing himself in the digital age by collaborating with both established colleagues and newer performers.

There are a number of other great episodes on the site too.

That’s the intro for the Grace Potter Episode, but I can’t embed the whole show, so go HERE to watch more of the show and music. They perform 8 songs and cook and eat.

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More Daring Than Bardot – More Candid Than Monroe?

Who is more daring than Bardot?

Who is more candid than Monroe?

Who is more gutsy than Madonna?

Who is magical and unreal?

No, goddamit – it’s not Snooki! Get your head out of unreality TV…

Hotshot fashion photographer and director Alix Malka says that would be Zahia Dehar:

“Divine Zahia !
A magical and unreal angel…
Candid like Marylin, daring like Bardot
and with Madonna’s gut !
She’s unique and always where you don’t expect her to be…
Beware of angels ! “

Dehar, you may recall, is the Algerian born former child prostitute who is now 18, and who allegedly slept with three prominent French soccer players while she was underaged. One of the players implicated in the scandal is superstar Franck Ribery, who has been called “the jewel of French football.” He reportedly admitted to authorities that he had sex with a child prostitute, but insists he did not know she was underaged at the time of their encounter.

She is now a model phenomenon, as you see from the quotes in this post, causing sophisticated grown men, who spend their careers around beautiful women, to swoon and gush.

gif of Zahia Dehar shaking her ass in the Cat-Cave costume

This is Hollywood, by Zahia ft. Eric Roberts, directed by Alix Malka for Vanity Fair,


Malka worked for many years as art director beside iconic designer Thierry Mugler creating all aspects of a haute-couture house. He played an integral part in the House of Mugler, collaborating with numerous photographers including masters such as Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon.

Here’s a couple more of his images of Zahia from the Vanity Fair shoot:

zahia dehar and eric roberts looking formal

Image credit: Alix Malka


Zahia Dehar in pink panties and bra from the rear

Image credit: Alix Malka


Another hotshot photographer / director, Greg Williams, said of Zahia:

“After you meet Z you realise you’ve never met anyone quite like her in your life. She is an otherworldly, nymph-like creature and that’s what drew me to work with her.”

And that’s from a guy who has worked with Russell Crowe, Megan Fox, and other much more well known stars.

Here is another of her short video clips, this one an odd and nonetheless hot number entitled Strip-tease in The Cat Cave, by Nick & Chloé,

Her first name means “radiant” in Arabic. Check out her web site which is very cutting edge.

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