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Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 05-04-2012

Keyboards lubed and ready? Let’s do another FFF challenge.

nude woman operating a pro camera tripod setup

Source credit: Met-Art.com


For the Flash Fiction Friday challenge for May 4, please use the image above. The required word count is 171-175, excluding the title. It would appear that my efforts to introduce some twists and turns are driving down participation, so we’ll go back to a regular required word or phrase: this week you must use “...payment…”

As is our custom, nobody’s checking word counts, or the required word/phrase, but its great fun to see how the different writers respond to the constraints in their creations.

My FFF will go up by 1:00 AM Pacific time on Friday morning, May 4. That post will include the usual Linky Widget in which all the authors can post links to their entries. Everyone is welcome!

If you are participating this week (and the more the merrier — tell all your friends), simply stop by any time after that and leave your link in that widget in the body at the bottom of the post. Then everybody will know you’re playing along and they’ll come read your erotic words, and often leave nice comments and constructive thoughts on your entry.

Here’s a button for you if you want to include that in your post. Use it to link back here, if you like. Please do provide a link back to either the challenge post, or to my main blog page. We want everybody to enjoy this, after all, and be able to find the other players and read all the writings.

button for meme of Flash Fiction Friday


So, check back here on Friday for all the flashers.

Dubstep Porn – “Fuck My Ass”

This is the nastiest hottest dubstep track I’ve run across – Midriff (Original Mix) by Torqux. So I used it as the soundtrack for this gallery of images and gifs of asses, anuses, rimming and great ass fucking. Oodles and oodles of anal delight…

The dub track is separate from the gallery/slideshow in case you hate dub and love ass.


You can pop it out full screen for a whole eyeful of hot ass and ass fucking.

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A Meditation on Water and Sex

For a meditation on water, and then water and sex, here is an entrancing soundtrack by the Robert Horner Percussion Ensemble (steel drum band), entitled Songlines, for a Caribbean ambiance:

and here is a visual,


gif of wave lapping up on the beach


Some serene weightlessness,

beautiful colorful floating jellyfish


gif of beautiful jellyfish moving through the water


gif of jellyfish pulsing through a turn in the ocean water

And a jellyfish fantasy,

fantasy par-human floating in an army of jellyfish

Now some human floating,

nude woman floating peacefully underwater

and next some floating and sex,

man fucking woman on her knees underwater

gif of woman floating underwater on her back being fucked by a man

 gif of woman with long hair floating underwater MMF 3some stoking one cock and being fucked by a second man

Credit for the two floating sex gifs: Gifperv.

A couple more of our dolphin buddies,

pod of dolphins swimming past camera


dolphin facing camera and blowing bubbles


But wait, here is a last one with some of the swimmers meditating on water and at least food, maybe sex too, who knows?

gif of crocodiles swimming slowly underwater by a naked swimming woman


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Sunday Funnies – April 22

How about another installment of Sunday Funnies?

Is this the best lip synch ever? (This takes a minute to load and it – apologies – autoplays when it does load, so hit your mute to start with)…



Best obituary ever?

onbituary of a man who enjoyed



pretty girl with cock buried in her throat and quizzical look on her face

Ok – so what do I do now?



rabbits appearing to fuck each other threesome style while a fourth one watches

And you thought we invented the threesome? And being a voyeur?


woman about to groom or examine a huge furry dog

I hope she gets big tips for those prostate exams


Last, for this time, and continuing with our presenting commercials with an adult theme, here is:

Liquid-Plumr presents the two sexiest plumbers ever. Introducing new Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Snake + Gel System.


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The Bacchanalia, The Butler and The Blindfold – FFF

woman in stockings corset and heels having a blindfold tied on her by a man with white gloves

Image: source unknown


“I’m bored,” she’d said, “we never do anything different.”

Well, she wasn’t going to say that after tonight. It had taken him literally weeks to find the Bacchanalia Group, and get vetted and approved. But here they were, finally.

He had told her little, but the few parts she knew clearly excited her. Especially the cardinal rule that they both had to keep their blindfolds on the entire first night or they could never return.

She was dressed, or rather hardly dressed, exactly as instructed and now, with her coat removed and the silent Bacchanalia Butler tying the blindfold strap behind her head, her nostrils flared with every breath.

The faint sounds of people and pleasure greeted them as the Butler ushered the way down the long hall.


©2012 RamTheSunlover, all rights reserved.


Your challenge for today was to use the picture above, and to write a flash fiction piece of 129 words or less, excluding the title. Additionally, I challenged you to use your choice of a semordnilap, a reversible word that gives you one word spelled frontwards and a different word spelled backwards, example: star/rats, and to use both words in the story, and tell us which pairing you chose.

If you are playing along this week, please leave your link below using the widget you see. Your link will appear in the widget itself, not in the comments, so everyone that’s playing will be listed here below. Go check them out, and thanks to all who played along. Authors: remember that you may choose to put in a general link to your blog, or a specific link to your fiction post. I recommend a specific link so that readers passing through days, weeks or months from now will go straight to the story.

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