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Gallery of GIFs – Movie Star Boobs

Here’s a carnal collection of animated GIF images of celebrity movie star actresses going topless or nude and displaying or flashing their boobs, breasts, tits, and racks, with a few in simulated sex, with all GIFs created from movies released to the public or published photo shoots, and all harvested from the public domain on the internet.

I have about triple or more of the number of these GIFs, including other actresses and some multiple GIFs for the same actress, which I will shortly get up on the Galleries tab at the top menu.

The celebrity – movie stars – actresses – represented here are Amanda Peet, Amanda Seyfried, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlize Theron, Cybill Sheperd, Demi Moore, Denise Richards, Eva Green, Halle Berry, Heather Graham, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Connelly, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Keira Knightly, Marisa Tomei, Michelle Williams, Neve Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Susan Sarandon, Uma Thurman and lots more:

First, a couple full size ones, then the gallery (hover over the thumbnails for the names), Cameron Diaz from her early years,

gif of Cameron Diaz topless in fishnet stockings and a blue bustier pouring liquid on her boob and laughing


And Scarlett Johansson bouncing in a pool,

gif of nude topless Scarlett Johansson bouncing in a pool

I’ll tell ya, movie star boobs seem to me to be noteworthy mainly because of our culture’s fascination with actresses, movie stars, and even self-made celebrities who don’t do anything but be celebrities. Just for one “for instance”, I think Goddess Wife’s boobs are much more admirable:

Goddess Wife's boobs decorated with a nipple dangler

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Cowboy and the Harlot – SSS

man in cowboy boots sitting stroking cock with woman in lingerie crawling toward him

She could hear him from the other room. He always masturbated late at night. Always wearing his cowboy boots. After listening to him several nights in a row, she could no longer contain herself.

Tonight, she had a little surprise for him.
(Lusting Lola)

She donned a black camisole, a matching garter belt, and stockings. Once he had commenced his regular nighttime routine she slipped on a pair of high heels and stepped outside.

She sauntered to his bedroom door and turned the knob. As expected, it was unlocked.

“What took you so long?” he asked, tipping his hat down, hiding his eyes. He held out his shaft expecting service without another word. She dropped her head and began moving forward, feeling her body ripen and spread. The sheriff had given her this task, and now it was time to prove her worth.

“When you’re done with me, you can do my deputies,” he said.

Startled, she looked left and saw two other deputies. They were sitting there wearing nothing but cowboy boots and hats. Low laughter filled the room. She felt the first trickle of juice leak from her pussy.

While she hadn’t expected the extra company, she didn’t mind.  The more the merrier.  With the sheriff’s delicious-looking dick within her sight, she got on her knees and crawled towards him.  Meanwhile, the deputies got an unobstructed view of her upturned ass, wet pussy, and glistening thighs.

“This is handy,” she said, slithering up his legs like a sidewinder on a sand dune. Easing her dripping pussy onto the waiting cock, she pulled the five-pointed star out of her camisole.

“U.S.  Marshall Matta Harree,” she announced. “You have the right to remain silent.”

“But betcha can’t.”

That is the six-part story resulting from the September Serial Sex Story challenge: the pic and each writer had to produce a chunk of 49 words or less, picking up on the evolving chain in the designated order from the challenge.

If everyone’s up for it maybe we’ll try this once a month toward the end of the month. Any and all comments and feedback welcome, of course. I am inclined to think the segments should be longer so each writer has a bit more opportunity to develop her or his piece.

Gallery of Pics – Blowjob Bonanza

Who doesn’t love a great blowjob image? Here’s a stash of pics of deeeeelightful cocksucking, blowjobs, bjs, fellatio, giving head – choose your term and we got the image.

I put about 1/2 of the stash here in the post, so as not to make the scrolling endless, and I’ll get the full batch setup in a gallery on the Galleries tab. Here’s a few singles, then the gallery:

pretty brunette sucking the cock pulled out of a man's blue jeans


redhead Camille Crimson in another blowjob cocksucking position


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Four More Hot Video Clips

Here’s another small collection of sensuous video clips that caught my eye over the last several months, with the last the best from fav Erika Lust,

#1, Gregory Johnston, starring: Eugenia Diordiychuk, Tell Me,


#2, Dawid Pietraszewski & Aga Turowska | starring: Jeany Kicz, Empty Room,

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Flash Fiction September Serial Sex Challenge

We seem to have sufficient interest from our customary carnal creators to take a run at a chain flash fiction erotic story.

It’s a bit complex to organize, so here’s what we’ll try for the method this first time; if this doesn’t work smoothly, we’ll try something else. First, this is the order of writers which I have chosen kind of at random but also with a slight eye toward their styles and how I think pieces from each might fit together interestingly into a larger story.

1) Lusting Lola; 2) Jack and Jill; 3)Advizor54; 4)Wordwytch; 5)Tempting Sweets; 6)Ram. If anyone else wants to write or any of these listed don’t, hit me with a comment and I’ll edit the list, but only in the first several days, and only before the first link in the chain is up.

Please produce your piece of flash within 3 days after your turn comes up – otherwise this would drag out way too long. And if you finish your piece sooner, great. When you finish your contribution, come put your link in the Linky as a signal to the next person and anyone who wants to read your piece. (I’ll edit this post on Saturday to add in the Linky Widget.) Its then the next author’s job to go copy what’s been created so far, paste that into a post and add his/her contribution, then enter a link in the Linky etc etc.

Everyone has to check back frequently enough to keep this rolling to the mighty conclusion. We all have to waive copyright claims to make this work, of course, or I suppose we could make the final product subject to a joint claim. Once the full story is complete, everyone who cares to can of course pop it into their sites with commentary or not.

Whew! So to the challenge itself. We are using this image:

man in cowboy boots sitting stroking cock with woman in lingerie crawling toward him

Each writer please produce a piece for the story of 49 words or less. There is no required word or phrase, but, the better you make your piece flow, at least from your start picking up from the preceding piece, the better.

Let’s go have fun! Lola, take it away!

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