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Shotgun Blowjob

The double barreled kind, that is…a two cock blowjob is the shotgun bj. It comes in the classic side-by-side shotgun,

gif of girl trying to suck 2 cocks at once

gif of blonde sucking two cocks at once for a double blowjob

and, the favorite of many skeet shooters, the over-and-under shotgun,

woman sucking two big cocks into her mouth at the same time


Here’s a five minute video clip of a hot shotgun blowjob, and after that a gallery of images of various 2 and 3 cock scenarios – maybe we’ll call the 3 or more cock bj a gatling gun blowjob? Continue reading →

In the moment

You remember how when you were a kid, you didn’t have to read a book about how to “be in the moment”…….you just did the moment?

a boy running through shallow water

Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 11-16-12

Here’s the new challenge for erotic flash fiction for this coming Friday, November 16. As I’m doing today, I may start customarily posting the challenge sooner than a Monday so our prurient writers have a little more time to conjure up the carnality.

I’m traveling on business again this week so may not be able to write, but the hosting post will go up by 1 a.m. Pacific time on Friday morning regardless. The hosting post will include the usual Linky Widget in which all the authors can post links to their entries. Everyone is welcome!

a rear view of a row of nude women focused on their highlighted backs and asses

For the Flash Fiction Friday challenge for November 16, please use the image above. The required word count is 231 or less, excluding the title. The required word to use this week is “…semblance….” Continue reading →

Monday Morning Funnies – November 5

Normally we do Sunday Morning Funnies, but I thought maybe everyone could use their laughs the day before the election.

If only my local TV news had this,

gif of female reporter slapping ass of girl in thong
instead of the election commercials…


redhead smiling after a cumshot

Now this may look like just another image of a pretty redhead enjoying a cumshot blast, but check out the white thing in her hair – is that a doggie chew toy?????

Continue reading →