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GIF of the Week – Better Than The Harlem Shake

I don’t know what all the fuss is about the Harlem Shake.

The Leg Quiver is much better.

gif of woman on her back being fucked hard and her legs quivering with pleasure

What do you say ladies, does your masseuse do that good of a job? He’s working on stretching out her hip flexors and psoas muscles…

Maybe if you’re super subtle and leave your stilettos on for the next session, he’ll get the message.


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Gif of the Week – A Drive in the Country

One of our customs is to go for a drive in the country on Sunday afternoons.

I really look forward to it.

gif of a man in a suit with his cock out driving a car and a woman in a business suit marturbating him

The old school bench seats did have their advantages, though.

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We Saw Your Boobs – GIF Edition

Well the Oscars were pretty dreadful. Seth Macfarlane’s controversial satire skit, “We Saw Your Boobs”, which he sang with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, was polarizing – lots of people thought it was awful and lots of people thought it was goofy and funny. I was inspired because of course we love boobs here at  carnality central – and GIFs of boobs. In fact, I have a page on the Galleries tab with over 80 Hollywood movie star boobalicious GIFs.

So I went out and found a few more and here is a little GIF collection featuring many of the actresses called out in the skit, in scenes from the movies named, plus a few bonus ones I ran across. Hover and you’ll see the names and most of the source movies.


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Titty Fucking Tutorial

Its just endlessly delightful, the things you can learn on the internet! For example, using the bra or the top as an “aid” in a titty fucking enterprise – for some reason I just never thought of that ’till I spotted these visual tutorials:


gif of Sophie Dee pulling her shirt up to show her big boobs and titty fuck gif 2 of Sophie titty fuck
gif 3 of Sophie Dee titty fucking gif 4 of Sophie Dee titty fuck and cumshot
gif 5 of Sophie Dee titty fuck and cumshot gif 6 of Sophie Dee titty fuck and cumshot
gif 7 of Sophie Dee taking a cumshot and licking her lips during titty fuck gif 8 of Sophie Dee titty fucking and licking cockhead after cumshot
gif 9 of Sophie Dee taking a cumshot from titty fucking in a red top gif 10 of Sophie Dee in the afterglow of titty fuck huge cumshot

here are a few more, a couple with an aid, but mostly just old fashioned bare tits,