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Gif of the Week – Slurpee

Mom and Pop had this nickname for Aunt Stacie: Slurpee.

I always thought it sounded pretty funny, and Aunt Stacie grinned an evil grin when they called her that.

But none of them would ever divulge the provenance.

One night when she was visiting for a week on Pop’s birthday, I went for a drink of water at 2 a.m.

I heard some noise upstairs, so crept up to peek in her open door.

There the three of them were…Slurpee working the back, and Mom the front.

gif of 3 way with one girl rimming a guy's ass while a second girl sucks his cock

That gave me a high bar goal for birthday celebrations, you can bet.


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GIF of the Week – Driver’s Ed

I had to practice driving and keep a log to get my license.

Finding a licensed driver to go with me to certify it was a problem at first.

Then Aunt Stacie offered to give me the lessons and sign my log.

I liked the reward at the end of the sessions the best.

She’s the best.

gif of woman giving a handjob to a guy in the driver's seat of a car

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In Celebration of MILF Day

Yes, its Mother’s Day here in the U.S. of A.; one of our most treasured commercially concocted Hallmark days.

tee shirt for Mother's Day

So naturally we carnalists immediately think that it is much more fun as MILF Day. And MILF Day naturally turns our thoughts to porn…and the renaissance man Fred Lapides gives us the 10 most interesting facts about women’s porn habits: Continue reading →