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GIF of the Week – The Best Booth

She has a favorite booth.

It’s in an ok restaurant, but it’s the placement of the booth that makes it so special.

It’s in the back and angled just so.

She always wears the short skirt that’s just so easy to pull up.

Just so she can really enjoy a night out.

gif of clothed sex man fingering under a table the pussy of a woman with her skirt up and panties pulled to the side

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GIF of the Week – Gold Medal Back Dancing

I was inspired by the hoopla over the Olympic Ice Dancing competition to bring to your attention the little known, but very popular with a carnal cult following, Back Dancing competition.

The Swedes have dominated this sport for longer than anyone can remember, and indeed this year again they took home the Sochi gold with this podium topping performance by the 2013 World Cup champion, Uschi “Legs” Thorsheart,

gif of blonde woman on her back wearing only stiletto heels being fucked hard and her legs quivering with pleasure


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