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GIF of the Week – Wow

Sometimes you may be having a regular good ‘ol nice time,

and you don’t really have high expectations, but still its pleasant, and you’re enjoying yourself,

and then, all of a sudden, things take a surprising turn, a copious turn you might say,

and you just gotta say,


gif of cute blonde wearing glasses saying "wow" with a facial cumshot dripping off her glasses and cheeks

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Girls with Guns

Almost a year ago I posted the GIF of the Week with a hot blonde coming out of her bathtub brandishing a pump action shotgun,

gif of hot blonde with big boobs in a bathtub reaching for a pump action shotgun

and a loyal reader from Texas (but of course!) asked for a big collection of more of the same. It took a while for those to float past yours truly in the carnal flow of the internet, but here it is: the collection of GIFs and pics of hotties brandishing their firepower, Girls with Guns: Continue reading →