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Jesse Jane Likes It Rough

The Jesse Jane post a couple weeks ago reminded me of a couple more GIFs I have stashed away showing Jesse enjoying rough sex.

gif of Jesse Jane having her hair pulled while she is fucked hard in rough sex


gif of Jesse Jane being choked and pussy fingered by James Deen

gif of Jesse Jane being fucked hard and rough by Erik Everhard

gif of Jesse Jane being power fucked on the bathroom counter by James Deen

Here’s a baker’s dozen below of some more hot rough stuff GIFs, and check out the Rough Sex archive page on the top menu for 100+ more, Continue reading →

The Unexpected Side Benefit of Eating Keto Style

We’ve eating paleo and now keto style for a while. Recently Goddess Wife reported a most excellent side benefit to keto program.

She says that my semen now tastes neutral – no particular taste or flavor, whereas before it tasted sort of bitter or alkaline. We’ve been celebrating that discovery frequently. and this is in addition to the other remarkable benefit of semen as a Heather Locklear-verified anti-aging face cream.

For visual emphasis, here are a few GIFs with oral pleasuring of the man, some face-fucking, and taste-testing cumshots; I doubt the guys in the GIFs have been eating keto, but everybody looks happy with the results,

gif of blonde milking big cumshot out of a big cock into her mouth and on her face

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GIF of The Week – Too Popular?

Popularity, recognition, attention – yes

But there are times when you don’t want to be too popular

gif of crocodiles swimming slowly underwater by a naked swimming woman

The posts have been a bit sparse here lately because of “a little too popular” problem. In fact, its funny that one of the big internet obsessions is search engine ranking, visitor traffic and, well, becoming popular; but what do you do when there’s too much of a good thing?

This website has been taken offline 3 times in the past couple of weeks, for hours at a time, because the traffic load of visitors overwhelmed the shared server on which the site is hosted at Hostgator. We’ve been averaging over 10,000 visitors per day lately. Continue reading →