Ass Up Face Down

A Curated Collection of Ass Up Face Down GIFs and Stills

A gallery of over 75 mixed GIF images and stills of females and more in the ass up face down position, a virtually irresistible sex offering, all harvested from the public domain on the internet, updated with new ones whenever I spot a good one:

woman in the ass up face down position wearing black Laboutin stiletto high heels

gif of woman wearing red stiletto heels with one foot quivering with ecstasy as she is ass fucked and eats another woman's pussy

gif of girl ass up face down being fucked from the rear and making an sex face of pleasure

girl ass up face down in black fishnet stockings split to expose her pussy, masturbating

2 thoughts on “Ass Up Face Down

  1. I shared this website with my boyfriend and he said that the pic of the girl holding her rear end up (had to chuckle at that) is amazing and hit him om a DNA level. He said he can now understand how one dog could just walk up to another and mount it because that’s what he would have done if he’d been in the same room as that. Foreplay would have been out the window. He said my ass looks very similar to that when I bend over becaue it just makes him want to skip the fioreplay and RAM his cock inside me. I LOVE when he feels that way.