GIF of The Week – Is That You, Mom?

After I had fucked Beth a few times when we started going out in senior year, I developed a sneaking suspicion.

I always, of course, shut the door to her room once we were getting naked.

But I began to notice that somehow the door was ajar when we left her room. I checked it but couldn’t see anything wrong with latch.

Then, one particular Sunday night when I was fucking Beth from behind, I glanced over at the door. I distinctly saw Beth’s mom, even though the hallway outside the door was dark, staring at us through the cracked open door.

I froze, and we stared at each other for a millisecond. Then she swiftly and silently shut the door.

I resumed stroking my cock into Beth’s wet little pussy, but I kept my eye on the door.

Before long, the door swung open again, this time farther, and Beth’s mom moved forward and leaned against the door frame, watching us avidly, pinching one nipple and rubbing her pussy through her tights.

I glanced down and saw that Beth was looking at her mom too. “Its ok,” she whispered back over her shoulder to me.

That produced the onset of a monstrous orgasm for me, and I pumped big gouts of semen all over Beth’s ass and back.


–To be continued —


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