What Are You Searching For?

Porn-wise, natch, not “where’s the best doughnut shop?” or “what the hell is Instagram really FOR??”

Some of the answers surprised even me, a long-time curator of a fairly wide variety of porny GIFs (there are now well over 4,000 GIFs stashed all around the site.) I will admit, though, that most of the content here is probably pretty mainstream – in part because I’m not interested in getting prosecuted for a hobby.

The internet knows, because of course, what you all are searching for, and not just on Pornhub (that’s material for another pretty humorous post….)

This came to my attention through an article in The Atlantic, discussing and laying out an interview by article author Olga Khazan with book author, and former Google data scientist, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. The article, Our Searches, Ourselves is a good read in general, and the book, Everybody Lies,is at the top of my to-get list.

Khazan writes:

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former data scientist at Google, used his data-analysis skills to learn what was really on Americans’ minds. The result … shows how the terms and questions people type into search engines don’t at all match what they claim on surveys.

“So for example,” he told me recently, “there have historically been more searches for porn than for weather.” But just 25 percent of men and 8 percent of women will admit to survey researchers that they watch porn.

So, what are some of the findings that struck me? Let’s take rough sex, which is politically incorrect these days for sure.

gif of blonde gasping as she is roughly fucking from behind

Here at Ramworld, that generally means hard fucking, hair pulling, throttling or choking,

and general manhandling not really involving pain. But now what about violent porn? I don’t have hardly any of that here because it doesn’t do much for me. But look at this:

[Violent porn is] a big theme of pornography, but I think the somewhat surprising thing is that it’s far more popular among women than men. It’s one of the most popular genres of pornography for women. Just about every search that is looking for violent porn is roughly twice as common among women than men.

So I aim to please my audience – do the ladies want more violence for their fantasies? Spanking, slapping, pretend forced sex? Bondage, restraint, crops, clamps? Sing out in the comments!


slo mo gif of woman bound with rope to a rack and a man fucking her while choking her and covering her mouth


And then there’s lesbian porn. A well-worn trope about male fascination holds that we love watching girls do girls. But guess what?

Women also search for a lot of lesbian porn, even women who do not consider themselves lesbians.

I don’t really have that much on here, again because it doesn’t do much for me. And what Is here isn’t really queer porn, its feminine women playing with each other.


So, y’all want more lesbian porn? Men or women want to see gay porn? Its safe on here. Sing out in the comments!

What else would fascinate you? I won’t tell anyone; in fact I’m safer than Google.


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