Time for More Naughty Wedding Fun!

According to our tradition (ain’t it great to have traditions on a porn site?), this is the time of year for some new wedding porn. May and June are the fav months for weddings.

Men are just not that into weddings, but when you throw in some wedding porn, well ok then!

So here are a few selected GIFs adorned with wedding dresses, veils, white lingerie, and the like:


And remember to check out the Wedding Porn archive page and some of the Carnal Shepherd flash fiction stories.

And if you’d like some video action, here’s one of a threesome with the groom, bride, and bridesmaid,


and here is a German clip of an after wedding dinner party / orgy,


and last, for now, a post-wedding fetishy bit with latex and gas masks of all things,


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