It’s Hotter in Italian

We Americans (and Brits too?) always think everything sounds so sexy when spoken in Italian or French.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline gave us the hilarious parody of that truism in 1988’s A Fish Called Wanda, where Jamie collapses in lust whenever Kevin says even ridiculous things to her, as long as he speaks Italian-sounding words,

My favorite is when he says “mozzarella” and she almost orgasms.

So carrying over that principle to porn, I present for your entertainment some Italian porn, featuring Selen (more about her below). I have no idea what they’re saying, and its probably as banal as English language porn dialog, but it sounds hot, no?

Here is a 6 minute compilation from a couple different Italian porn films, and for this and all the clips embedded below, I recommend clicking the play icon on the lower left to avoid redirects and shit from the tube sites,


Selen, or sometimes Selen de Rosa, is the porn stage name of Italian actress Luce Caponegro. She has been called Italy’s favorite porn star. Her decision to pursue a career in porn was driven by exhibitionism and, in her words, her passion for sex and the need to rebel against society. She was quite the adventuress with threesomes, anal, gangbangs, DPs before they were quite so common.

Here are a few GIFs of Selen in action,


And if you have an hour and half for a relaxing porn movie shot on location in Morocco, here is Selen in Sahara,

Here are some more clips:

French Retro Gangbang in a Hotel Room,


And some orgy action,


And a group sex clip with a ’20s Bonnie and Clyde vibe,


And a threesome with her in lingerie, two men in suits, with a voyeur watching and jacking off,

Mozzarella, eh?


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