Here’s To The LUMA

We live in an age of acronyms, thanks to texting and Twitter mostly, I suppose.

Here’s a new one for you – LUMA: legs up missionary anal.

A deeeeelightful position with many obvious benefits including eye contact and ease of access for clit masturbation. Edge of the bed/chair/ottoman/couch works best,


gif of legs up missionary anal sex with blonde wearing blue lingerie and masturbating her clit

And spreading the cheeks for presentation of the velvet channel,

gif of legs up missionary position assfucking with woman holding her cheeks spread




gif of legs up missionary anal interracial sex female wearing black stockings and garter belt


And how about LUTA? Legs Up Together Anal,

French girl in red beret and red stockings with her legs in the air showing her pussy and anus

We’ll see those another time.


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