GIF of The Week – Going Golfing

The proper grip for holding a golf club begins with your thumb pointing toward the ground and wrapping your fingers around the shaft.


It also happens that this hand position is the necessary and natural one for reaching into a man’s jeans to grasp his erect cock. Here is a nude demo of the hand position as the jeans interfere visually.

GIF of nude woman with beautiful tits demonstrating a golf club grip handjob with bonus ball massage

As a result, in high school (but of course when everyone was over 18 natch) “we’re going golfing” really meant finding a secluded spot for reaching in the jeans with the golf club grip and jacking off the endlessly testosterone charged young fella.


As in golf, though, remember that follow-through is the key, whether in jeans or suits.

GIF of woman in dress and giving handjob to man in suit with cock out with cumshot


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