The Little Book of Carnal Etiquette – Rule 8

Rule 8 – Face Cream

Be generous with your face cream.

But mind her hair.


gif of woman holding her hair back while man cums on her tongue and mouth

Not this




gif of girl in red framed glasses taking a gooey cumshot on her face and glasses and smiling


Not this

gif of girl in black glasses with huge cumshot dripping off

And remember, this particular face cream is heartily endorsed by no less a celebrity expert than Heather Locklear, who, in an on-camera conversation with TMZ reporters,was asked if she had any recommendations for anti-aging skincare products.

Her reply? “You just put semen on your face.”

Turns out spermine, one of the components of semen, is high in anti-oxidants and can smooth out wrinkles.

What a delightful and useful nightly ritual for couples, eh?


So remember




Not this




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