Sunday Funnies – February 7

I suddenly realized how long its been since I posted an edition of Sunday Adult Funnies, so brew some coffee and see if these NSFW images make you smile.


GIF of Bradley Cooper taking a selfie with a bunch of the actors and actresses at the Academy Awards

Some people takes selfies with celebrities…

GIF of girl taking a selfie with a big cock by her face

Other people document things their friends won’t believe.


image of a pink flesh colored dildo serving as a door bumper

That’s just wrong! A pound of silicone is a terrible thing to waste.


GIF of man and woman fucking on the side of a boat then falling into the water

Sometimes you just get carried away in the moment.


gif girl blowing cock and taken aback by a sudden ejaculation cumshot

OMG! That’s what happens?!?

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