New Sex Face, O Face GIFs

Varro’s sex face GIF in the Spartacus post reminded me that there were a handful of new sex face, O face GIFs languishing in the curation cupboard.

Enjoy their enjoyment,


sex face GIF of Lorilei Lee getting fucked by Rocco Siffredi


gif of dark haired girl being fucked on her back and biting her lip in a sex face



And here’s one of the inimitable Lady Gaga recreating for us her orgasm from getting rammed from behind,


gif of Lady Gaga naked on her belly simulating getting fucked rear entry


And the also inimitable Sasha Grey, actually getting rammed from behind,


gif of Sasha Grey fucked from behind making a great sex face, o face


One thought on “New Sex Face, O Face GIFs

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