The GIF Master – DarkAngelOne – Part One

Native American digital artist, George RedHawk a.k.a. DarkAngelØne is legally blind. He collaborates with photographers to create mystical, marvelous GIF artwork that transforms original still pictures into moving masterpieces. He works with a complex structure of apparatuses to use his PC workstation, and to connect with the world digitally.

Much more about RedHawk below, but first let’s get to some of the GIFs. He has created over 1,300 of them and I spent the better part of an afternoon immersed in his vision. I have selected a number that are particularly sensuous with sand, water, or liquid, and nudes, as a summertime theme, for this Part One post.

The files are larger than run-of-the-mill GIFs and take longer to load, so be patient.

George RedHawk gif of Herb Ritts photo of Cindy Crawford's nude breasts with sand

George RedHawk GIF of Reberto Manetta photo of sand on nude

George Redhawk gif of Igor Morski photo of nude with liquid


RedHawk modestly says, “Some people call me an artist, I say I’m a guy who likes to play with photos. My animations are free to copy, use, or share any time you wish. They always have been, and always will be. It is my opinion that art is meant to be shared and enjoyed, it doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to anyone it calls to. I hope you enjoy them,”

For years, artists have been using GIFs in mind blowing ways to bring their visions to life. With the help of visual aides and using photo manipulation software designed for the visually impaired, Redhawk creates eerily captivating versions of his favorite paintings and photographs. He doesn’t call himself an “artist” but tell that to the more than seven million people who have viewed his work online. This includes the support of his favorite artists like digital artist Adam Martinakis who is currently planning an official collaboration with Redhawk. Strange and beautiful, yet slightly confusing, his animations leave the viewer feeling entranced while also off balance. For Redhawk, this also describes the experience of his damaged vision. Redhawk began creating GIFs out of a personal exploration, but today, his work challenges us to see the world through his eyes – and to pursue our passions despite all obstacles.


“My art is made with the idea to disturb and challenge the visual senses.”
– DarkAngelØne

“Every person who is visually impaired has their own unique issues with what they can and cannot see (vision being so complex)”, George says, “I am fortunate that with the help of visual aides, functions and softwares found in computers to help the visually impaired, I’m able to function online pretty well. The computer is an environment that can be controlled, size, lighting, contrasts, etc. can be adjusted to suit my needs, my morphing software has a magnification box, without this feature, none of this would be possible. I can pretty much control the 2 feet in front of my face in a computerized world, but the real world? Not so easy.”

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