The Best GIF of All Time?

Giphy is the GIF storage and search site now valued at US $80M. Giphy’s Chief Operating Officer Adam Leibsohn says this his favorite GIF of all time:

giphy GIF best of all time

“Every time I watch it, [I see] something new and ridiculous and entertaining. It is quite possibly the best GIF, I believe, ever made,” Leibsohn said.

The animation appears to date back until at least 2013 and is sometimes called “Girls at Skrillex concert,” according to WeKnowMemes.

The Ram is not impressed. I’d say I easily have 100 GIFs here that are “better” than this one. But of course Giphy bars all content with sexuality or nudity so how could it possibly compete with RamWorld?

Do you have a “best” GIF?

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