Wedding Superstitions – May is for Debauched Weddings

Married when bees over May blossoms flit,
Strangers around your board will sit.

That’s from an olde timey rhymey about the wedding superstitions of all the months of the year (full version of the rhyme at the end of the post.) Naturally your carnal collector here sees that as an excuse to present some naughty wedding porn – especially some items involving more participants than the bride and groom.

woman in wedding dress sitting between two men in suits sucking their cocks

Strangers around the table indeed!

But first, lets make sure we get to the wedding in the right mood,






Married in January’s hoar and rime,
Widowed you’ll be before your prime.

Married in February’s sleepy weather,
Life you’ll tread in time together.

Married when March winds shrill and roar,
Your home will be on a distant shore.

Married beneath April’s changing skies,
A checkered path before you lies.

Married when bees over May blossoms flit,
Strangers around your board will sit.

Married in the month of roses — June,
Life will be one long honeymoon.

Married in July with flowers ablaze,
Bittersweet memories on after days.

Married in August’s heat and drowse,
Lover and friend in your chosen spouse.

Married in September’s golden glow,
Smooth and serene your life will go.

Married when leaves in October thin,
Toil and hardship for you gain.

Married in veils of November mist,
Fortune your wedding ring has kissed.

Married in days of December cheer,
Love’s star shines brighter from year to year.

June’s good press in the world of lore has to do with who it’s named for. Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage, so it only makes sense that the month named for her would be deemed propitious for all brides.

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