Sodomy – Punishable in Sin City by Life in Prison

…yeah, prison…where there is no sodomy…

This handwritten chart below shows us the penalties for several victimless sex offenses in all 50 states as of 1964, 51 years ago. My home state of Nevada stands out for the penalty for sodomy being from 1 year to life in prison. So let’s see how nicely that all fits together: prostitution legal in some Nevada counties; Las Vegas practically tradenamed Sin City, sinful gambling a mainstay of the state economy……and getting life for wee bit of anal pleasuring!

Illinois is the most lenient with apparently no penalty for ass fucking, but REGULAR fucking could cost you $200 or 6 months in the slam or both. So, there the State is encouraging anal sex versus fornicating. Must have been an advanced sensibility toward free birth control, right? Go Illini!

1SexOffenses-19642SexOffenses-1964Courtesy New York Public Library

Well now, the best way to respond to that is to kick out a bunch of great GIFS of anal sex, don’t you think?

gif of man ass fucking a girl while a second girl sucks his balls

gif of Lola Taylor getting fucked in the ass and choked

Sodomy is an interesting term – it can cover a bunch of naughty behavior, not just ass fucking. Butt that’s for another post.

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