GIF of The Week – Too Popular?

Popularity, recognition, attention – yes

But there are times when you don’t want to be too popular

gif of crocodiles swimming slowly underwater by a naked swimming woman

The posts have been a bit sparse here lately because of “a little too popular” problem. In fact, its funny that one of the big internet obsessions is search engine ranking, visitor traffic and, well, becoming popular; but what do you do when there’s too much of a good thing?

This website has been taken offline 3 times in the past couple of weeks, for hours at a time, because the traffic load of visitors overwhelmed the shared server on which the site is hosted at Hostgator. We’ve been averaging over 10,000 visitors per day lately. Hostgator said “its just too much Ram, its adversely affecting the shared server performance. And its not that you’re using too much bandwidth (because I have done work to cut down on the bandwidth usage), and its not resource hogging like too much CPU usage….you just have too much traffic.”

So they try to sell me on an upgrade to a dedicated server. But hell, I just do this for my and y’alls amusement – I don’t make any money off this. So I’m not spending $120 per month for a dedicated server. I went searching then, and discovered that the internet knowledge base on how to cut down on your traffic is almost non-existent.

Nonetheless, I figured out a few things which seem to be working so we can stay online. That age verification popup you have started to see is one such – it slows the clicking down and some people just plain don’t like it and bail out. I am also using a CDN, CloudFlare, which helps block out thousands of visits from unwanted bots and spiders (see the related article below on how 51% of web traffic is bots and the like.)

But if you come visit and you see a weird screen stating Ram The Sunlover is down or unavailable, you’ll know we just got a little too popular again here at curated carnality central…… but I will fix it.

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One thought on “GIF of The Week – Too Popular?

  1. Being popular ain’t so bad. Glad you figured a way around it, though. 😉