Sunday Funnies – June 15

Some more funnies for this Sunday morning, starting with a reprise of a Father’s Day special,

tee shirt for Mother's Day or Father's Day of a baby wearing a shirt emblazoned with the slogan all daddy wanted was a blowjob

and some cat GIFs and pics that tickled my funny bone,

gif of a cat jumping out of a space capsule, crash landing through a roof and running off

dual gif of kitten and man twiching similarly

Both of those last two GIFs are a new type of merged dual GIF. Here’s another amusing one for GoT fans to celebrate today’s season finale; a Cersi cock block,

merged gif from GoT where Cersi blocks access to her younger son, the new king

And we’ll end with a couple more cat funnies,

funny meme of cat wtih hanger stuck over its head

funny cat image of a bad-ass looking cat mugshot

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