Soaring, Surfing, and Gliding

There’s something magical about soaring out of the usual into the unexpected.

killer whale leaping entirely out of the water while hunting a dolphin

That’s an 8 ton killer whale leaping entirely out, way the hell out in fact, of the water in the frenzy of hunting the dolphin which is in the spray to the right in the image. Credit ocean photographer Christopher Swann; not “photoshopped”.

This next one is a mere 2-3 ton humpback whale calf leaping free just for the durn fun of it,

humpback whale calf leaping entirely free from the water North Pacific ocean

Credit Matthew Thornton, that image was a 2012 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest entry. It was taken off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia.

And the whales are freedom loving surfer dudes and chicks too,

orca calf surfing at Sandy Bay New Zealand 2010

That’s an orca calf hanging two fins at Sandy Bay, New Zealand.

Next, some whales schooling the humans on how its done at the famed Banzai Pipeline, North Shore Oahu,

killer whale orca surfing the Banzai Pipline Oahu Hawaii

Credit photog J.T. Gray, who reported that the humpback whales appeared to be a mother and calf.

Dolphins too are occasionally known to surf, and crowd surf,

a pod of dolphins surfing together on a big wave

and then there’s my collection of rays flying and gliding,

Closing with two of my favorites because they each show a pair, a couple, of rays and dolphins jumping together for the feeling of freedom,

two rays jumping together out of the water

a pair of dolphins leaping high out of the water with a beautiful sunset behind them

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  1. VEry cool!