Sunday Morning Funnies – May 18

I noticed it’s been awhile since I posted Sunday Morning Funnies, so here’s another edition. Grab your coffee and enjoy.

two college cheerleaders in weird position with double headed dildo

Nothing can go wrong here, right?

Now how ’bout a little pussy licking?

pussy licking good

Wild pussies chillin’

Next, a belated Mother’s Day celebration – Motherlover,

Another Mom-related item,

funny texting exchange

Now she’ll unfriend Mom for sure


And we’ll end with a soundless brief musical interlude,

gif of clothed man with cock pulled out of his pants playing a xylophone with the cock

I wonder about calluses though…

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Funnies – May 18

  1. Today is not Sunday, but I enjoyed the funnies anyway. 🙂